NATIONAL HEALTH - Dreams Wide Awake (1975 prog rock)DBL CD

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 National Health was one of the last of the great Canterbury progressive rock bands, containing a heady and unique mixture of rock, jazz and classical music. The band was formed in the fall of 1975 by keyboardists Alan Gowen (ex-Gilgamesh) and Dave Stewart (ex-Hatfield & The North), who wanted to create a large "rock orchestra" by combining personnel from their previous bands. I think any listener would find it hard to deny that the first two National Health albums ("National Health" and "Of Queues and Cures", from 1977 and 1978, respectively) contained most of their very best stuff. "Dreams Wide Awake" is a two-disc compilation which contains all of the music from those first two classic albums (albeit not in the same running order, something which iTunes and a couple of blank cdr’s can easily fix). For a newcomer to this music, the 95 minutes of total music on "Dreams Wide Awake" is a great introduction to this band's unique sound, with their complex structures and compositions, numerous key modulations and time changes, continuously developing themes, and intricate, innovative sounds and melodies.