NEKTAR -A Tab in the Ocean (1972 Brit acid psych prog) DOUBLE LP

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Did you ever wonder what would happen if a giant tab of acid was dropped into the sea? According to Roye Albrighton, Nektar’s guitarist and vocalist, they did. Albrighton and his mates parlayed their curiosity into the group’s acclaimed second album, appropriately titled “A Tab in the Ocean.” built on the sound of Nektar’s first album, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, but further emphasized a “concept” over its five tracks (the lengthiest being album opener ‘A Tab in the Ocean’) which took the band musically in a tighter, more structured and focused direction.

“Official, deluxe 180 gram double LP reissue of the second album (dating from 1972) by the legendary British psychedelic progressive group, that was based in Germany. The extra LP contains 4 excellent psychedelic bonus tracks from 1972-1973, which have remained unreleased on vinyl until now. Expertly remastered from the original master tapes.

Limited edition in deluxe gatefold cover.”
1     A Tab In The Ocean     
2     Desolaton Valley     
3     Waves     
4     Crying In The Dark     
5     King Twilight     
6     Cast Your Fate Jam     
7     Da Da Doom     
8     What Ya Gonna Do?     
9     Wings