NESTTER DONUTS - FLAMENCO TRASH (1993 amazing flamenco trash) CD

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From Alicante/Barcelona in Spain comes the most amazing flamenco trash one man band you never heard of... born and raised 1993 by a gipsy flamenco family, grew up and playing the dirtiest clubs in town and made contact with the British music (via the tourists) and just wanted to trash it up... until he created his own music style flamenco trash. With that mission he toured around Spain and the rest of Europe as one man band or in bands such as the Suicide Generation. He's deep in wild trash rock'n'roll and he's definitely the Spanish bastard son of Hasil Adkins. This is no doubt, his flair for flamenco music comes from his parents when little Nestter still was a baby. He was born a twin, his brother works a 'real' job but Nestter, he's the black sheep in the Family, he loves to gets naked on stage and plays the maracas with his genital to torture his flamenco trash guitar like no other flamenco devil before, he is wild, crazy and he is the one and only Donut that calls himself Nestter, please welcome Spain's number 1 nut job to your house and let yourself go into the wild wild world of flamenco trash with Nestter Donuts...