NORMAN HAINES BAND -DEN OF INIQUITY( UK psych prog 1971 w 2 bonus tracks) LP

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 Reissue on LP of legendary heavy psych album. Including heavy re-work of 'Mr. Armageddon' and a lost track 'When I Come Down', later recorded by Black Sabbath, but never released! Originally from '71.In addition, 2 recordings from rare singles (listed only on the vinyl label).

Soon after recording the iconic album 'We Are Everything You See' with his band Locomotive, Norman departed the group to establish this heavier outfit. The keyboard player was joined by guitarist Neil Clark, bassist Andy Hughes and drummer Jimmy Skidmore. One of the most sought after releases of the progressive rock era, 'Den Of Inquity' was the only album recorded by the band. Musically it was a dark and heavy affair with superb compositions that included a reworked version of 'Mr. Armageddon' (previously recorded by Locomotive), the excellent title track and the epic 13-minute 'Rabbits'. Issued on the Parlophone imprint in 1971, the album was available for a few short months before being deleted.

This fine vinyl reissue fills the gap in any respectable psych/prog rock LP collection.


A1        Den Of Iniquity 4:30
A2        Finding My Way Home 3:20
A3        Everything You See (Mr. Armageddon) 4:31
A4        When I Come Down 3:54
A5        Bourgeois 2:57
A6 (Bonustrack)        Eloise    4:30 Rabbits (13:03)
a)        Sonata (For Singing Pig)    
b)        Joint Effort    
c)        Skidpatch    
d)        Miracle    
         Life Is So Unkind  (7:55)
a)        Moonlight Mazurka    
b)        Echoes Of The Future    
B3 (Bonustrack)        I Really Need A Friend    3:39