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OUT OF FOCUS -Four Letter Monday Afternoon (1972 German Krautrock)SALE! DBL LP

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    Third album (1972) from one of the finest German Krautrock groups, almost entirely instrumental.

    Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact double LP reissue on 180g vinyl.

    Expertly remastered from the mastertapes.

    Contains one bonus track (‘When I’m Sleeping’).

    What do you get if you cross Jethro Tull with Pink Floyd and take away the Blues influence: Out Of Focus!” Lucky for us then that this excellent band from Munich made three extraordinary albums on the super-collectable Kuckuk label before fading away. Hennes Herring on keyboards (mainly Hammond organ), Remi Dreschler on guitars, Moran Neumuller on vocals and wind instruments, and Klaus Spöri and Stefan Wisheu on drums and bass respectively made an incredibly tight unit. Their music was somewhat similar to early British prog, but gradually evolved into a kind of jazz-rock of an XHOL Caravan type. Another view, this time from the invaluable Crack in the Cosmic Egg guide to Krautrock: “It seems amazing that a band were able to start off with a masterpiece and better it with each subsequent album, yet that's what Out Of Focus did! Existing for ten years or so, Out Of Focus were amongst the finest of German rock fusion bands. Formed in late 1968 in Munich, they rapidly established a stylish and refined blend of rock and jazz that also had psychedelic overtones. The early albums exhibited that unique character of Krautrock (akin to Xhol Caravan, Thirsty Moon, etc.), with pure invention in a music that transcends boundaries, taking the rock song beyond its normal format with extended instrumentals, featuring an abundance of solos and surprises. I would argue that Out Of Focus started excellent, and got even better with each album. Probably the finest of all their albums was the monumental double “Four Letter Monday Afternoon” (almost certainly a dedication to Soft Machine and their revolutionary “Third” album). It had mainly instrumental and lengthy tracks; although the first record of the set is a little more down to earth, the unprecedented surprise is the extended suite that encompassed the whole of the second LP. It's a shame that Kuckuck withdrew its interest in Krautrock in the mid-70's, as it left Out Of Focus without the chance of a contract elsewhere. There were plans for a release with the April/Schneeball collective in 1975, in fact an album was recorded, yet all that eventually emerged was one track on a festival LP, by which time they had changed into a more conventional jazz-rock band, featuring only one original member: Remigius Drechsler (who subsequently went on to Embryo).

    A1     L. S. B.     17:40
    A2     When I'm Sleeping (Bonus Track)     4:04
    B1     Tsajama     9:25
    B2     Black Cards     9:40
    B3     Where Have You Been     5:35
        Huchen 55     (24:45)
    C1     Huchen 55,A     
    C2     Huchen 55,B     
    C3     Huchen 55,C     
    D1     Huchen 55,D     24:40

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