OXFORDS- A Classic Philly 60's Band!!!! CD

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A 1960Õs Philadelphia rock band cast in the mold of The WonderÕs ÒThat Thing You DoÓ style. Featuring all 8 songs of their 45s on Grand and ABC Paramount plus 6 unreleased tracks recorded at Sigma Sound between 1964-1967!! The reissue tracks are: !) Did You Ever Get My Letter?+ 2) IÕM Only A Man+ 3) It Serves You Right 4) Only Me 5) DonÕt Be A Dropout 6) DonÕt Play That Song 7) Help Me (Understand) 8) You WonÕt See Me 9) Without You++ 10) If You Care++ 11) Love Put Me Under++ 12) Even True Love Can Die++ 13) YouÕre Mine++ 14) Help Me (Understand)+++ + As by Fingers ++ Previously Unreleased +++ Previously Unreleased Alternate Version