PANDORAS, THE - It's About Time-(80s PEBBLES STYLE Psychedelic fuzz goddesses!) CD

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Psychedelic fuzz goddesses The Pandoras were the first, and in many ways the most original, of L.A.'s garage revival bands.

They transformed the traditional garage sound of their "Pebbles" favorites into a vehicle for an all-girl band in wild day-glo fashions, openly sexual, assertive and outrageous in a time when girl bands were expected to be more like the demure Bangles. This is their landmark Voxx debut album.



1 Hot Generation  
2 You Don't Satisfy  
3 It's About Time  
4 I Want Him  
5 James  
6 He's Not Far  
7 Haunted Beach Party  
8 The Hump  
9 I Live My Life  
10 Want Need Love  
11 It Just Ain't True  
12 High On A Cloud  
13 Cry On My Own  
14 Going His Way  
15 I'm Here I'm Gone  
16 That's Your Way Out  
17 Why  
18 You Lie  
19 You Ain't No Friend Of Mine  
20 I Want My Caveman  
21 KALX Interview With Barry St. Vitus