PARAMETER - GALACTIC RAMBLE (1971 prog folk Syd Barrett style) CD

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Seelie Court is an English label releasing archival recordings from the period 1965 to 1978 by British and Irish artists. Most of the releases are saved from unique sources and have not been previously issued.

Stellar progressive psychedelic folk rock with a huge Syd Barrett influence and lashings of distorted fuzz guitar psychedelic ballads.

It's unknown how many were really made in 1971 on the custom Deroy label.

'Galactic Ramble' is a ramble through the experimental minds and philosophies of early seventies underground youth, and born in the morass of early Pink Floyd, Incredible String Band, Cream and Donovan.

Recommended especially to anyone aching for more music like Syd Barrett's 'The Madcap Laughs'.