PATRON SAINTS - Proto Bohob ( rare 1969 private press U.S psych folk- CD

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The Patron Saints' 1969 album Fohhoh Bohob is considered by many collectors to be one of the most highly sought-after privately-pressed records ever released.

Only 100 copies were produced originally, now fetching prices of $2500 and beyond. In the early months of 1969, The Patron Saints laid down various demo versions of all of the songs which ultimately appeared on Fohhoh Bohob; this CD contains these previously unreleased gems.

Review: One of our favorite lost US psychedelic folk LPs ever is the original Patron Saints LP, a cheerily twisted New York rarity from 1969 (LP and CD reissues BOTH by the way). This CD offers up 16 previously unreleased tracks from 1969 that represent all the demos and early versions of the original LP tracks and more. Wonderfully unsettling stuff. -- Aether Records Mailorder Catalog

Patron Saints-Proto Bohob: A whole CD of demos from 1969 by this obscure acid guitar folk band from New York. Featuring different versions and different tracks to their scarce "Fohhoh Bohob" album, this is a collector's wet dream... -- The Freak Emporium/Delerium Records