PAUPERS - Magic People ( 60s Byrds /Brit Invasion style)CD

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The Paupers, along with the Guess Who, were one of the first Canadian bands to capitalize on the British Invasion. Their early sound was a classy mixture of roots music, blues and folk-rock (think early Byrds or Lovin Spoonful.

Great great work by The Paupers essentially a 60s folk rock combo, but one with a really groovy sound! The group come up with loads of great guitar interplay on the session -- janging acoustic and electric together in a style that comes up with some nice hippie and eastern edges -- and which means that even on the vocal tracks, the album's got an instrumental charm that kind of links it to some of the hipper rock/jazz crossover projects on labels like Verve and Impulse at the time.

Most tracks do have vocals, in a style that ranges from Sunshine Pop to folksy -- and the whole album's pretty darn great, filled with tracks that include "Let Me Be", "Magic People", "It's Your Mind", "Black Thank You Package", "Simple Deed", and "Tudor Impressions". This edition includes 2 bonus tracks: "Like You, Like Me" and "Sooner Than Soon



1 Magic People 2:43
2 It's Your Mind 5:20
3 Black Thank You Package 3:12
4 Let Me Be 3:10
5 Think I Care 3:55
6 One Rainy Day 2:20
7 Tudor Impressions 4:13
8 Simple Deed 2:43
9 My Love Hides Your View 3:20
10 You And Me 2:40
  Bonus Tracks
11 Like You, Like Me 3:00
12 Sooner Than Soon 2:57