PEBBLES 1-10 VOLUME- "BOX" SET with orig cover from rare UBIK version & Lenny Kaye letter -ON CLASSIC BLACK VINYL

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 (1) 10 Volumes OF PEBBLES , SEALED IN THEIR ORIGINAL JACKETS , With orig box cover from rare UBIK version!

 (2) Copy of the famous LENNY KAYE letter about the making of Pebbles.


PEBBLES. THE SERIES THAT INSPIRED THE ENTIRE GARAGE ROCK REVIVAL! In his review of the Pebbles series for Allmusic, Richie Unterberger comments: "Though 1972's Nuggets compilation reawakened listeners to the sounds of mid-'60s garage rock, it only focused on the tip of the iceberg. Behind those forgotten hits and semi-hits lurked hundreds, if not thousands, of regional hits and flops from the same era, most even rawer and cruder. . . . More than any other factor, these compilations [in the Pebbles series] were responsible for the resurgence of interest in garage rock, which remains high among collectors to this day."

NOTE: PEBBLES was originally mastered by Greg Shaw, from old singles from his collection.   The first song on side one was even mastered with a SKIP!  Bands often perform that song with the skip, to the delight of their audience.  We have not remastered or changed the originals in any way.  If you want perfect sound quality, this aint the place for it.  This is the historical original mastering with all of its flaws and character.


Better than a cardboard box, if you ask us !  Wont shred and is acid-free to protect your jackets  Rigid polypropylene envelope. Button and string closure and secure flap. This will be shipped in a very heavy double walled protect your records. 



 PEBBLES 1- Original Artyfacts From The First Punk Era

A1             –The Litter             Action Woman             2:30

A2             –The Preachers (2)             Who Do You Love             2:11

A3             –The Floyd Dakil Combo*             Dance Franny Dance             2:10

A4             –The Outcasts (4)             I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)             1:56

A5             –The Squires             Going All The Way             2:18

A6             –The Grains Of Sand*             Going Away Baby             2:10

A7             –The Ju-Ju's*             You Treat Me Bad             2:18

A8             –The Haunted (2)             1-2-5             2:46

B1             –The Soup Greens             Like A Rolling Stone             2:40

B2             –The Wig             Crackin' Up             2:18

B3             –Positively 13 O'Clock             Psychotic Reaction             2:00

B4             –Kim Fowley             The Trip             2:00

B5             –The Elastik Band             Spazz             2:45

B6             –The Split Ends             Rich With Nothin'             2:15

B7             –The Shadows Of Knight             Potato Chip             3:23

B8             –The Wild Knights*             Beaver Patrol             2:16


 A1                   –The Satans (2)                   Makin' Deals                   2:08

A2                   –The Moving Sidewalks                   99th Floor                   2:13

A3                   –The Sons Of Adam                   Feathered Fish                   2:28

A4                   –The Electric Prunes                   Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial (Bonus Track)                  

 A5                   –The Road (2)                   You Rub Me The Wrong Way                   2:22

A6                   –The Lyrics (2)                   So What!                   2:42

A7                   –The Buddhas                   Lost Innocence                   2:10

A8                   –Zakary Thaks                   Bad Girl                   2:04

A9                   –Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz*                   Green Fuz                   2:06

B1                   –The Squires                   Go Ahead                   2:15

B2                   –The Little Boy Blues                   I Can Only Give You Everything                   2:27

B3                   –The Dovers                   She's Gone                   2:18

B4                   –Phil & The Frantics                   I Must Run                   2:40

B5                   –The Dovers                   What Am I Going To Do                   2:28

B6                   –The Choir                   It's Cold Outside                   2:46

B7                   –Bobby Fuller                   Wine Wine Wine                   2:43

B8                   –The Litter                   I'm A Man                   3:48

PEBBLES VOL 3- The Acid Gallery

A1                   –Dave Diamond (5) & The Higher ElevationThe Diamond Mine                   
A2                   –Teddy & His Patches                   Suzy Creamcheese                   

A3                   –Crystal Chandlier                   Suicidal Flowers                   

A4                   –William Penn V*                   Swami                   

A5                   –The Jefferson Handkerchief                   I'm Allergic To Flowers                   
A6                   –The Unfolding                   Prana (Bonus Track)                   
A7                   –The Calico Wall                   Flight Reaction                   

A8                   –The Hogs                   Loose Lip Sync Ship                   

A9                   –The Driving Stupid                   The Reality Of (Air) Fried Borsk                   

B1                   –The Third Bardo                   I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time                   

B2                   –The Bees (2)                   Voices Green And Purple                   
B3                   –The Monocles                   Spider And The Fly                   
B4                   –Godfrey                   Let's Take A Trip                   
B5                   –T.C. Atlantic                   Faces                   

B6                   –Mike Condello                   Soggy Cereal                   
B7                   –The Lea Riders Group*                   Dom Kellar Os Mods                   

B8                   –Race Marbles                   Like A Dribbling Fram
B9                   –The Ragamuffins (2)                   The Fun We Had


A1             –Bruce & Terry             Summer Means Fun             

A2             –Fantastic Baggys*             Anywhere The Girls Are             

A3             –The Four Speeds (2)             R.P.M.             

A4             –Jan & Dean             (Bonus Track)             

A5             –The California Suns             Masked Grandma             

A6             –The Dantes*             Top Down Time             

A7             –The Pyramids             Custom Caravan             

A8             –The Rivieras             California Sun "65"             

A9             –The Trashmen             New Generation             

B1             –The Survivors (6)             Pamela Jean             

B2             –Gary Usher             Sacramento             

B3             –Sharon Marie (2)             Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby             

B4             –The Knights (2)             Hot Rod High             

B5             –The Wheel Men             School Is A Gas             

B6             –Lloyd Thaxton             Image Of A Surfer             

B7             –The City Surfers             Beach Ball             

B8             –Dave Edmunds             London's A Lonely Town  


The Tree                   No Good Woman                   2:36

The Plague (7)                   Go Away                   1:51

The Magi*                   You Don't Know Me                   2:28

The Gentlemen (10)                   It's A Cry'n Shame                   2:30

The 5 Canadians                   Writing On The Wall                   2:18

The Dirty Wurds*                   Why                   2:19

The Merry Dragons                   Universal Vagrant                   2:54

The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2                   I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD)                   2:16

The Escapades                   I Tell No Lies                   1:59

Danny & The Counts                   You Need Love                   2:32

The Satyrs                   Yesterday's Hero                   2:41

Little Phil & The Night Shadows                   The Way It Used To Be                   2:01

The State Of Mind                   Move                   2:09

Yesterday's Children                   Wanna Be With You                   2:27

The Time Stoppers                   I Need Love                   2:30

Thursday's Children                   You'll Never Be My Girl                   2:03

The 12 A.M.                   The Way I Feel                   2:18






A1                                     –The Fairies                                     Get Yourself Home                    \

A2                                     –Junco Partners                                     Take This Hammer  

A3                                     –The Fairies                                     I'll Dance                                    


A4                                     –The Cheynes                                     Respectable                                    


A5                                     –The First Gear                                     Leave My Kitten Alone                                    


A6                                     –The Betterdays                                     Here 'Tis                                    


A7                                     –The Wild Ones (8)                                     Bowie Man                                    


A8                                     –David John & The Mood                                     Bring It To Jerome                                    


A9                                     –The Wheels                                     Road Block                                    


B1                                     –The Fairies                                     Anytime At All                                    


B2                                     –Rhythm & Blues Inc.                                     Honey Don't                                    


B3                                     –Erky Grant & The Earwigs*                                     I'm A Hog For You                                    


B4                                     –David John & The Mood                                     I Love To See You Strut                                    


B5                                     –Bill & Will                                     Goin' To The River                                    


B6                                     –Blues By Five                                     Boom Boom                                    


B7                                     –Steve Aldo                                     Baby What You Want Me To Do                                    


B8                                     –The Rats (4)                                     Spoonful                                    


B9                                     –Jason Eddie & The Centremen*                                     Singing The Blues                                    


B10                                     –Bo & Peep*                                     Young Love                                    




A1                   –Something Wild                   Trippin' Out                   2:05


A2                   –The Descendants                   Lela                   2:30


A3                   –The Denims                   White Ship                   2:42


A4                   –The Heard (2)                   Stop It Baby                   2:23


A5                   –Hysterics                   Everything's There                   2:15


A6                   –Silver Fleet                   Look Out World                   2:41


A7                   –The Human Beings (2)                   You're Bad News                   2:11


A8                   –The Chocolate Watchband                   Sweet Young Thing                   2:41


A9                   –The Craig*                   I Must Be Mad                   2:52


B1                   –The Edge (9)                   Seen Through The Eyes                   2:58


B2                   –We The People (2)                   When I Arrive                   3:01


B3                   –The Soul Survivors (4)                   Shakin With Linda                   2:48


B4                   –The Four Fifths                   If You Still Want Me                   2:00


B5                   –The Dovers                   She's Not Just Anybody                   1:54


B6                   –Sunday Funnies (3)                   A Pindaric Ode                   2:12


B7                   –The Painted Ship                   Frustration                   2:53


B8                   –The Live Wires*                   Love                   3:20






A1             –The Free-For-All             Show Me The Way            


A2             –Byron & The Mortals             Do You Believe Me            


A3             –The Endd             Out Of My Hands            


A4             –The Knaves             The Girl I Threw Away            


A5             –The Bugs (2)             Pretty Girl            


A6             –The Bucaneer's             You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore            


A7             –The Beckett Quintet             No Correspondence            


A8             –The Outsiders (4)             I'm Not Trying To Hurt You            


B1             –The Gestures             Run Run Run            


B2             –The Bold             Gotta Get Some            


B3             –The Banshees             Project Blue            


B4             –New Colony Six*             At The River's Edge            


B5             –Beethoven's Fifth             Come Down            


B6             –It's All Meat (2)             Feel It            


B7             –The Bad Roads             Too Bad            


B8             –The Bad Roads             Blue Girl            




A1             –The Next Five             Talk To Me Girl             2:23


A2             –The Moon Rakers*             You'll Come Back             2:00


A3             –Peter Wheat & The Breadmen             Baby What's New             2:33


A4             –The Marauders (2)             Since I Met You             2:09


A5             –The Ides Of March             Roller Coaster             2:30


A6             –The Foggy Notions             Need A Little Lovin'             2:28


A7             –The Ugly Ducklings             Just In Case You're Wondering             2:20


A8             –Raga And The Talas*             My Group And Me             2:09


B1             –Leo & The Prophets             Tilt-A-Whirl             2:42


B2             –The Human Expression             Love At Psychedelic Velocity             2:40


B3             –The Wig/Wags             I'm On My Way Down The Road             2:10


B4             –Steve Walker & The Bold*             The Train Kept A Rollin'             2:28


B5             –Things To Come (3)             I'm Not Talkin'             2:12


B6             –The Five Americans             Slippin' And Slidin'             1:40


B7             –The Groupies             Primitive             3:10


B8             –The Brogues             Don't Shoot Me Down             2:16