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    LAST COPIES OF ALL IN PRINT VOLUMES AFTER #10 .  VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!  SIX volumes that will never be repressed, soon to be gone forever and part of the history books

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    The Pebbles series made available over 800 obscure, mostly American "Original Punk Rock" songs recorded in the mid-1960s, primarily known today as the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres that were previously known only to a handful of collectors. 

    PEBBLES 12 
    PEBBLES 13 
    PEBBLES 16 
    PEBBLES 21 
    PEBBLES 22
    PEBBLES 28

    PEBBLES 28 
    One of the 10 albums in the sub-series The Continent Lashes Back and is sub-titled Sweden, Part 3. Pebbles, Volume 20 and Pebbles, Volume 26 also feature music by Swedish bands.  This version of "Suzie Q" was recorded after that of the Rolling Stones, but before Creedence Clearwater Revival released the song in 1968 (when it became their first hit song). Two other cover songs of venerable classics, "Route 66" and "Louie Louie" are also included on the album; the former song was the opening cut on the first album by the Rolling Stones. The last song on Side 1 is a novelty song about Alfred E. Neuman, the Mad Magazine mascot. A series of compilation albums of Swedish garage rock music called Who Will Buy these Wonderful Evils takes its name from the opening cut on this album.
    Side 1:

    • The Shakers: "Who Will Buy these Wonderful Eyes?" – Rel. 1967
    • The Cads: "Call My Name" – Rel. 1966
    • Los Comancheros: "It's So Right" – Rel. 1966
    • The Dee Jays: "Not that Girl"
    • The Dee Jays: "Striped Dreams" – Rel. 1967
    • The Demons: "You" – Rel. 1964
    • The Gents: "Honor Bright"
    • The Madmen: "Alfred E. Goes Surfing" – Rel. 1965
    Side 2:

    • The Dee Jays: "You Must Be Joking" – Rel. 1965
    • The Slamcreepers: "Nobody" – Rel. 1966
    • The Bootjacks: "Route 66" – Rel. 1965
    • The Namelosers: "Suzie Q" – Rel. 1965
    • The Flippers: "Louie, Louie" (Richard Berry)
    • The Lea Riders Group: "Got No Woman" – Rel. 1966
    • The Lea Riders Group: "But I Am, and Who Cares?" – Rel. 1966
    • The Bootjacks: "Stoned"

    PEBBLES 22 
    Even this deep into the Pebbles series, gems keep surfacing, including covers of an old Frankie Lymon song and "Hey Joe". "That Creature" has almost the same level of tastelessness as the infamous "Spazz" (on Pebbles, Volume 1); the lyrics frantically rage on about some poor guy's ugly girlfriend, with the vocalist being unsure as to whether she comes from the zoo or from outer space (with UFO sounds punctuating the latter impression). There are two nice psychedelic rock songs included; the opening track has some inventive and jarring musicianship, while "My Soap Won't Float" is a weird number in the vein of "Horror Asparagus Stories" (from Pebbles, Volume 3).
    A1–The Inmates (5)More Than I Have
    A2–The Euphorias ID*Hey Joe
    A3–The Sweet AcidsThat Creature
    A4–IRA*Dooley Vs. The Ferris Wheel
    A5–Danny's ReasonsTriangles
    A6–The Regiment (7)My Soap Won't Float
    A7–Weird Street CarnivalThe Inner Truth
    B1–The Rob Roys (2)Do You Girl?
    B2–Ronnie Rice*I Want To Be My Girl
    B3–The Final Solution*So Long Goodbye
    B4–The Prophets (7)Yes I Know
    B5–The JaybeesI'm A Loner
    B6–The Huntsmen (2)Say What I Mean

    PEBBLES 21

    A1–The Dan-DeesThink About It
    A2–The KiddsNature's Children
    A3–The Jolly Beggars (2)Last Step Of Doom
    A4–The WeavilsWe're The Weavils
    A5–Tommy & The Hustlers*Diggin' Out
    A6–The Traits (2)Nobody Loves The Hulk
    A7–The Village Outcastes*Under The Thumb
    B1–The Things To Come*'Til The End
    B2–The Electras'Bout My Love
    B3–The Bethlehem Exit*Blues Concerning My Girl
    B4–The Glass Harp*I've Just Begun
    B5–The Jackson Investment Co.*What Can I Do
    B6–The Sheppards (2)Poor Man's Thing
    B7–The Wee FourWeird

    PEBBLES 16 

    A1–The Acoustics (2)My Rights
    A2–Bobby BrelynHanna
    A3–The Graveyard 5*The Marble Orchard
    A4–The Graveyard 5*The Graveyard Theme
    A5–Just Luv*Valley Of Hate
    A6–Jimmy CurtissPsychedelic Situation
    A7–Ron Wray Light ShowSpeed
    B1–Streys*She Cools My Mind
    B2–The Sand Of Time*Red Light
    B3–The Mood (4)In The Amber Fields
    B4–Steve Peele FiveFrankie's Got It!
    B5–Those BoysNo Good Girl
    B6–Scurvy KnavesIt's Not Like That
    B7–Duplex (12)Louie Louie

    PEBBLES 13
    A1–The Spirit (4)Man Enough For You
    A2–The Cats MeowHouse Of Kicks
    A3–Rock Garden*Super Stuff
    A4–The Original SinnersYou`ll Never Know
    A5–The Apollos (2)Target Love
    A6–The Apollos (2)It`s A Monster
    A7–Les SinnersNice Try
    A8–The Spirit (4)No Time To Rhyme
    B1–The Knight RidersI
    B2–The New Life (2)Why Now Girl
    B3–Cole & The EmbersHey Girl
    B4–The Apollos (2)That`s The Breaks
    B5–The PebblesLove Me Again
    B6–Les LutinsLaissez-Nous Vivre
    B7–The Ones (4)Didi-Wa-Didi
    B8–Five Hungry MenBustin` Rocks

    PEBBLES 12 
    The Vejtables, from San Francisco are among the better known bands that are featured in the Pebbles series; their lead singer, Jan Errico would later move to the Mojo Men. These Outcasts are not the same band that was featured on Pebbles, Volume 1.
    –Nomads*From Zero Down2:31         
    –Teddy Boys (2)Mona2:52         
    –Coming Times*Keep The Music Playing2:25         
    –Breakers*Don't Send Me No Flowers (I Ain't Dead Yet)2:08         
    –Peter & The RabbitsSomeone I've Got My Eyes Upon1:57         
    –Pawnee DriveRide2:31         
    –Mad Hatters*I'll Come Running2:22         
    –Vejtables*Feel The Music2:50         
    –Clockwork Orange (4)Your Golden Touch2:12         
    –Clockwork Orange (4)Do Me Right Now1:30         
    –Richard & The Young LionsYou Can Make It2:38         
    –Outcasts*I Didn't Have To Love Her Anymore3:11         
    –The Jam (3)Something's Gone2:53         
    –Free ThinkersYou Were Born For Me2:27



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