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The World (AIP) AIP5029 The original series of 28 LPs contained obscure '60s recordings from all over the world. In preparing the series for CD release, we have taken a somewhat different approach. The first five volumes, always the popular favorites, have been kept largely the same, only omitting tracks more definitively reissued elsewhere, and adding several new bonus tracks to each album. Subsequent volumes have begun to take a more regional approach, drawing not just from the original Pebbles and Highs albums, but also from other compilations that have since gone out of print, as well as from our large archive of previously unreissued tracks. Some of the new Pebbles CDs include tracks never before issued, and all have been completely remastered, with all-new liner notes reflecting the latest info available to us.

Pebbles, Volume 12 is a compilation album among the CDs in the Pebbles series and is subtitled The World

Track Listings:

  1. The Bunnys: "Moanin'"; Rel. 1967
  2. The Four Rockets: "The Place Where She Lives"
  3. The Shamrocks: "Midnight Train"; Rel. 1967
  4. The Shake Spears: "I Can't Tell"; Rel. 1965
  5. The Henchmen: "Baby, What's Wrong"; Rel. 1965
  6. The Phantoms: "Roadrunner"; Rel. 1966
  7. The Klan: "Already Mine"; Rel. 1967
  8. The Merrymen: "Walking Down Lonesome Road"; Rel. 1965
  9. The Nicols: "She Has A Name To Find Out"; Rel. 1969
  10. Noel Deschamps: "Curoeux Docteur"
  11. The Odd Persons: "I'm Cryin'"; Rel. 1966
  12. The Scorpions: "Baby Back Now"; Rel. 1965
  13. Honest Men: "I've Been Wrong"; Rel. 1966
  14. The Rokes: "She Asks Of You"; Rel. 1964
  15. John Woolley & Just Born: "Look And You Will Find"; Rel. 1971
  16. John Woolley & Just Born: "You're Lying"; Rel. 1971
  17. The Shirrows: "Not For Me"
  18. The Cedars: "Hide If You Want To Hide"; Rel. 1968
  19. Evariste: "Connais-tu L'Animal Qui Inventa Le Calcul Integral?"; Rel.
  20. Sir Henry & His Butlers: "Pretty Style"; Rel. 1967
  21. Los Salvajes: "Las Ovejitas"; Rel. 1967
  22. The Tonics: "Daddy"
  23. Les 5 Gentlemen: "Dis-Nous Dylan"; Rel. 1966
  24. The Pleazers: "Bald Headed Woman"
  25. The Entertainers: "Searching"; Rel. 1965
  26. Satins: "Too Much Monkey Business"
  27. Brothers Grimm: "Beautiful Delilah"; Rel. 1966

- Martin Winfree