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PEBBLES - Vol 12 - LAST FEW COPIES of legendary 60s garage comp LP

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    The Vejtables, from San Francisco are among the better known bands that are featured in the Pebbles series; their lead singer, Jan Errico would later move to the Mojo Men. These Outcasts are not the same band that was featured on Pebbles, Volume 1.


    Side 1:


       The Nomads: "From Zero Down" (Deatherage/Evans), 2:31

       The Teddy Boys: "Mona" (Elias B. McDaniel), 2:52

       The Coming Times: "Keep the Music Playing" (Rosenberg), 2:25

       The Breakers: "Don't Send Me No Flowers (I Ain't Dead Yet)" (Weiss), 2:08 – Rel. 1965

       Peter & the Rabbits: "Someone I've Got My Eyes Upon" (Gayden), 1:57

       Pawnee Drive: "Ride" (Roberts), 2:31 – Rel. 1969

       Mad Hatters: "I'll Come Running" (Stuart/Berns), 2:22


    Side 2:


       The Vejtables: "Feel the Music" (Bailey/Fortunato), 2:50

       Clockwork Orange: "Your Golden Touch" (Frazier), 2:12

       Clockwork Orange: "Do Me Right Now" (Doug Kershaw), 1:30

       Richard & the Young Lions: "You Can Make It" (Brown/Bloodworth/Nader), 2:38

       The Outcasts: "I Didn't Have to Love Her Anymore" (Foley), 3:11

       The Jam: "Something's Gone" (Terry Smith), 2:53

       The Free Thinkers: "You Were Born for Me" (Farrell Pomus), 2:27


    - Martin Winfree

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