PROTOTIPES -WE ARE BACK (90s Spanish power punk legends) CD

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LAST COPIES.The album debut by a band formed by ex-members of Spanish punk rock legends of the '90s SHOCK TREATMENT and DEPRESSING CLAIM.

A superb collection of sing-along power-pop, bittersweet midtempo melodic-punk and some killer blasts of mean punk'n'roll thrown in for good measure.

A must for fans of the Spanish punk pop sound of the '90s and for anyone interested in classy punk rock.




1 The Neverly Girls  
2 Against My Government  
3 Death Sentence  
4 Julie Is A Talker  
5 We Want More  
6 Your Lips Met Mine  
7 Pick Up The Pieces  
8 I Lost My Way  
9 Is It Over?  
10 Pull That Trigger  
11 Let It Happen  
12 The Boxer  
13 Spit (In Your Face)