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PSYCHEDELIC STATES -Alabama In The 60's- Dbl gatefold LP -

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    Double LP GATEFOLD!  Gear Fab digs into the psychedelic vaults of Alabama, unearthing 28 rare, undiscovered tracks from 1965-68. Features The K-Oties, The Jerks, Stolen Children, Dedications, This Side Up, Rites Of Spring, Mad Lads, Yardleys, Seeds Of Time, Versatiles, 5 Cent Stamps, Lost Chords, Sheffield's Gate, Torries, Omen & The Luv, K-Pers & others.


    A1     –Versatiles, The (2)     Cyclothymia     2:32
    A2     –Yardleys, The*     Your Love     2:13
    A3     –Days Of The Week     Home At Last     2:16
    A4     –Movement, The (17)     Green Knight     3:02
    A5     –Jerks, The (3)     I'm Leavin' You     3:04
    A6     –Dedications, The     Midnight Gray     2:40
    A7     –Rites Of Spring, The     Comin' On Back To Me     2:42

    B1     –Tories, The     Walkin' The Dog     3:04
    B2     –Stolen Children, The     I Need You     2:26
    B3     –Changin' Tymes, The     Bye Tyme     2:18
    B4     –K-Pers, The     The Red Invasion     2:05
    B5     –Sheffield's Gate     Tell Her No     1:59
    B6     –Judges, The (2)     The Judge And Jury     2:57
    B7     –Mixed Emotions, The     Can't You Stop It Now     2:51

    C1     –Bittersweett, The     She Lied     2:34
    C2     –Randy & The Holidays     Paul Revere 250     2:06
    C3     –Illusions, The (5)     Shadows Of You     2:42
    C4     –Lost Chords, The     I Won't Have To Worry     2:02
    C5     –Very-Ations, The     She Can't Be Won     2:24
    C6     –K-otics, The     I'm Leaving Here     2:35
    C7     –Mickey Buckins & The New Breed     Reflections Of Charles Brown     3:45

    D1     –Seeds Of Time, The     She's Been Travelin' 'Round The World     2:28
    D2     –Mad Lads, The (3)     Come Back To Me     2:55
    D3     –This Side Up (5)     Why Can't I Dream?     2:35
    D4     –5, The     I'm No Good     2:19
    D5     –Rockin' Rebellions, The     By My Side     2:26
    D6     –Fox & The Huntah's     Funny Kinda Day     2:26
    D7     –5c Stamp, The     Gotta' Go Now     1:57
    D8     –Omen & Their Luv, The     Maybe Later     2:16

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