RABBITT -A Croak and a Grunts (1975 S African Beatlesque glam rock) - CD

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Glam rock from this South Afrcian band, who dominated that nationÕs charts in the 1970Õs. "If you are interested in the music of Trevor Rabin, South African rock or are partial to 70's glam rock with Beatlesque influences then this album is certainly worth a listen. Rabin fans see this album as a great milestone in his development as musician, composer and producer. Back in 1977 it was a huge musical happening for South Africans of European descent. In cloistered, apartheid South Africa, this was the country's closest experience of rock mania, with sold out concerts, teen girl hysteria and the fastest selling album in the history of South African rock music. On many a girl's school bag or book the statement "Rabbitt rules okay" was adorned. Rabbitt dominated the pop charts, the awards and entertainment news for that strange, tumultuous South African period of 1976 to 1979. "The title 'TC Rabin in D minor', the opening Brian May-like instrumental track, conveys the supreme confidence of Trevor and this band - and when you hear Rabin's powerful multi-layered guitar you realize this is indeed special as it segues into the ballad with strings and the plaintive singing of 'I sleep alone.' Then the drums kick in and the title track punches in. You are aware of slick 70's production and expressive guitar which ends with an extensive wah-wah inflected solo over Rabin's characteristic use of a full studio of strings.Ó Singer and lead guitarist Trevor Rabin later became a member of Yes Ñ and then a prolific film composer for Hollywood blockbusters like Armageddon, Flyboys, National Treasure, Remember the Titans and others. Singer, guitarist and keyboardist Duncan Faure went on to join the Bay City Rollers.