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    Repress! Legendary Australian underground band and one of the pioneers of the high energy rock'n'roll scene, Radio Birdman's formidable back catalogue in a comprehensive 7CD+DVD box set.

    The box set contains the three studio albums 'Radios Appear' (both the Trafalgar and Sire versions) and 'Living Eyes', all remastered from original tapes and each accompanied by a standalone bonus disc.

    Much of the bonus disc material provides a treasure trove of material for diehard fans. The seventh disc to make up the box set is a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall (Sydney, Australia) in 1977.

    The result is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band's true primal energy.

    Also includes an all regions PAL format DVD of live footage, consisting of two clips from the December '77 concert, one from April '77, two obscure '76 tracks plus a promotional video made to celebrate the Australia only 1988 LP box set release 'Under The Ashes'.

    The whole things is packaged in a red and black clamshell box. Also included is a 40-page booklet with liner notes and photos.





      Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)
    CD1-1 T.V. Eye  
    CD1-2 Murder City Nights  
    CD1-3 Anglo Girl Desire  
    CD1-4 Man With Golden Helmet  
    CD1-5 Descent Into The Maelstrom  
    CD1-6 Monday Morning Gunk  
    CD1-7 Do The Pop  
    CD1-8 Love Kills  
    CD1-9 Hand Of Law  
    CD1-10 New Race  
      Bonus CD - Radios Appear (Trafalgar Version)
    CD2-1 Smith And Wesson Blues  
    CD2-2 I 94  
    CD2-3 Snake  
    CD2-4 Burn My Eye  
    CD2-5 Love Kills  
    CD2-6 Insane Alive  
    CD2-7 I 94  
    CD2-8 Descent Into The Maelstrom  
    CD2-9 Man With Golden Helmet  
    CD2-10 Snake  
    CD2-11 Hand Of Law  
    CD2-12 Anglo Girl Desire  
      Radios Appear (Sire Version)
    CD3-1 What Gives?  
    CD3-2 Non Stop Girls  
    CD3-3 Do The Pop  
    CD3-4 Man With Golden Helmet  
    CD3-5 Descent Into The Maelstrom  
    CD3-6 New Race  
    CD3-7 Aloha Steve & Danno  
    CD3-8 Anglo Girl Desire  
    CD3-9 Murder City Nights  
    CD3-10 You're Gonna Miss Me  
    CD3-11 Hand Of Law  
    CD3-12 Hit Them Again  
      Bonus CD - Radios Appear (Sire Version)
    CD4-1 You're Gonna Miss Me  
    CD4-2 Shakin' Street  
    CD4-3 Hit Them Again  
    CD4-4 Anglo Girl Desire  
    CD4-5 Non Stop Girls  
    CD4-6 Aloha Steve & Danno  
    CD4-7 Breaks My Heart  
    CD4-8 Crying Sun  
    CD4-9 Do The Pop  
    CD4-10 More Fun  
    CD4-11 What Gives?  
    CD4-12 Love Kills  
      Living Eyes
    CD5-1 More Fun  
    CD5-2 T.P.B.R. Combo  
    CD5-3 455 SD  
    CD5-4 Do The Movin' Change  
    CD5-5 I 94  
    CD5-6 Iskender Time  
    CD5-7 Burn My Eye '78  
    CD5-8 Time To Fall  
    CD5-9 Smith And Wesson Blues  
    CD5-10 Crying Sun  
    CD5-11 Breaks My Heart  
    CD5-12 Alone In The Endzone  
    CD5-13 Hanging On  
      Bonus CD - Living Eyes
    CD6-1 Hanging On  
    CD6-2 455 SD  
    CD6-3 Do The Movin' Change  
    CD6-4 T.P.B.R. Combo  
    CD6-5 I 94  
    CD6-6 Iskender Time  
    CD6-7 Burn My Eye '78  
    CD6-8 Alien Skies  
    CD6-9 Time To Fall  
    CD6-10 Smith And Wesson Blues  
    CD6-11 Crying Sun  
    CD6-12 Breaks My Heart  
    CD6-13 More Fun  
    CD6-14 Alone In The Endzone  
    CD6-15 Dark Surprise  
    CD6-16 Didn't Tell The Man  
    CD6-17 Death By The Gun  
    CD6-18 Dark Surprise  
    CD6-19 Breaks My Heart  
    CD6-20 More Fun  
      Live At Paddington Town Hall 12th December 1977
    CD7-1 New Race  
    CD7-2 Descent Into The Maelstrom  
    CD7-3 Anglo Girl Desire  
    CD7-4 Murder City Nights  
    CD7-5 Transmaniacon MC  
    CD7-6 More Fun  
    CD7-7 Smith And Wesson Blues  
    CD7-8 Man With Golden Helmet  
    CD7-9 Crying Sun  
    CD7-10 Breaks My Heart  
    CD7-11 What Gives?  
    CD7-12 Let The Kids Dance  
    CD7-13 Dark Surprise  
    CD7-14 I 94  
    CD7-15 Non Stop Girls  
    CD7-16 Do The Pop  
    CD7-17 Burn My Eye  
    CD7-18 Monday Morning Gunk  
    CD7-19 Ramblin' Rose  
      Bonus DVD
    DVD-1 Aloha Steve & Danno  
    DVD-2 What Gives?  
    DVD-3 New Race  
    DVD-4 Aloha Steve & Danno  
    DVD-5 Monday Morning Gunk  
    DVD-6 Ramblin' Rose
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