RADIO MOSCOW - Magical Dirt- STARBURST VINYL -BLUE cover-(Psych power trio)

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AVAILABLE with two covers (blue or yellow) with two different starburst vinyl colors, and two color vinyl versions.   


With a powerful, crunching Sabbath-style chords and fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian, Iowa power trio Radio Moscow plants its flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock, cranked-up blues, and metal meet. The sound is unabashedly retro (specifically, FM radio from around 1973), so it’s easy to see how it caught the ear of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced its 2007 self-titled debut. Like the Keys, Radio Moscow updates an old-school style with pure passion and a refreshing lack of irony. – Christopher Bahn / The ONION (A.V. Club – Minneapolis)



A1 So Alone  
A2 Rancho Tehama Airport  
A3 Death Of A Queen  
A4 Sweet Little Thing  
A5 These Days  
B1 Bridges  
B2 Gypsy Fast Woman  
B3 Got The Time  
B4 Before It Burns  
B5 Stinging  

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