REDUCERS -Cruise to Nowhere (70s w catchy melodies and killer licks) LP

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1985 followup to Let’s Go. Inner sleeve features unique art and full lyrics.

100% analog mastering and pressing.

"There were absolutely no gimmicks, false pretenses towards stardom, or slick attitude; they were the real deal." - AllMusic

Cruise To Nowhere was the result of two weeks in the studio with a handful of songs, some finished, most unfinished and some unwritten. The resulting LP was surprisingly consistent given the haphazard nature of the recording, and college radio once again picked up on the album's standout track "Fistfight at the Beach." Another regional tour followed, and the wear and tear of the road soon shown its strain on the boys from New London. It would be another 3 years until The Reducer's next release.

Side One
Runaway Home
Screaming Too
Fistfight At The Beach
Jackpot Fever
Pub Rockin'

Side Two
Cruise To Nowhere
Little Punky Hood
Someday's Gonna Come
Spaghetti Western No. 6
Sound Of Breaking Down
Boys Will Be Boys