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SCHNITZELBEAT Vol 2 -You Are The Only One -Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970 COMP LP

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    Raw Teenage Beat And Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970'.

    The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock made in Austria, 1964-1970.

    Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), 'Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2' is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity. You'll find instro rock smashers, beat ballads, straight-up rhythm'n'blues pieces, jangling, folksy harmonies, savage proto-punk blowouts, and, of course, the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running.


    1             –The Slaves (2)             You Are The Only One             2:24

    2             –The Gamblers (8)             Little Girl             2:19

    3             –The Slaves (2)             Slaves Time             2:15

    4             –The Boys (26)             Come Back To Me             2:15

    5             –The Beatfires             Interpol             3:07

    6             –The Counts (6)             Rosen             2:31

    7             –The V-Rangers*             Hound Dog             2:52

    8             –The Desperates             LSD             2:52

    9             –The Rockets (11)             Mein Girl Und Ich             2:26

    10             –The Lost Generation (5)             I Had Forgotten             3:15

    11             –Harry David Quintett             LSD 3000             2:24

    12             –The Meadows (3)             Future             2:19

    13             –The Roletts             You Say Yeah             2:29

    14             –Herbert O* Und Die Beatniks 62*             Es Ist Schon Spät             2:15

    15             –The Brand Brothers             Rainy Nights             3:07

    16             –The Lamberts             Crazy Time             2:31

    17             –The Charles Ryders Corporation*             I Remember The Blues (Alternative Version)             2:36

    18             –Les Fantoms             Beat In E             2:52

    19             –The Earls (3)             Say The Word             2:26

    20             –The Seals             Around The World             3:15

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