SEE NO EVILS - INNER VOICES (60s style garage pop) CD

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The debut-album from exciting Leeds-based 4-piece The See No Evils. Here are twelve tracks that deliver a sound rooted in '60s pop and energetic garage, though a modern twist keeps the tunes from retrogression.

The two previous singles have proven that the band takes influences from many genres and eras, be it '50s B-movies scores, '60s garage rock, or '70s punk - not one track sounds the same. Expect chiming guitars, impassioned vocals and songs that just won't leave your head!

1     Secrets In Me     02:39
2     That's Right With Me     3:00
3     Hanging Around     3:03
4     You Make Me Move     2:19
5     People Of The Night     3:33
6     Firing Line     3:25
7     Hooked On The Buzz     3:40
8     Sweet Thing     3:21
9     Werewolf Blues     2:36
10     Rising Sun     2:21
11     Ladi Dadi Do     3:50
12     Runaway     3:27