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OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just SEND US A NOTE with your choices along with your order!. Features Br‰n The Welsh musical collectiveÕs side projects and spin-offs Lord Tim Hudson The story of AmericanÕs Òfirst British import disc jockeyÓ and his brush with fame Steppenwolf From Canada to LA via the NYC folk scene, SF garages and celluloid immortality. Leader John Kay grants a rare interview Nilsson The singer-songwriterÕs journey takes him a little too close to the sun ÒWe did ÔWithout YouÕ because my career was on the wane and we wanted something to make a hit. You have to have hits. I donÕt care who you are. If you donÕt have hits, fuck youÓ Regulars 20 Questions Musician, writer, curator and rock ÕnÕ roll fan Lenny Kaye Thoughts & Words Your letters, tweets and emails ItÕs A Happening Thing CAM Sugar, Black Ivy, David Christian, Pixy Jones, Julie Doiron, Cheval Fou, Tom Shotton, The Violet Mindfield, Big Legal Mess/Bible & Tire, Joe Harvey-Whyte, Madmess, Glenn Fallows & Mark Trefell, Ger Eaton, Regal Worm, Andrew Gabbard, Estranhos Rom‰nticos, Scrounger ShindigginÕ WhatÕs hot on the Shindig! turntable Family Album Duncan BrowneÕs ill-starred 1968 debut Give Me Take You Song Book How Van Dyke ParksÕ ÔHigh CoinÕ became a folk-rock standard Back To Back ÔThe Last Thing On My MindÕ Deep Cuts Anatolian rock Reviews The best in reissues, new releases, 45s and books Prize Crossword Win David CrosbyÕs If I Could Only Remember My Name Vinyl Art Strawberry Alarm ClockÕs The World In A Seashell