SHOTGUN -Dallasian Rock( 70s blues rock Prev. unrel vintage studio tracks) LP

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A blend of hard hitting riff rock ‡ la early Led Zeppelin and James Gang, with a guitar attack reminiscent of bands like Leafhound or Edgar Broughton Band.

Tight, muscular, lean and mean urban blues rock riffage and soaring, soulful vocals, punchy bass and solid drumming make for a memorable set of songs that you won't soon forget.

Shotgun had a successful career in and around Dallas, TX between 1974 and 1977, playing the club circuit and recording at the cities best studios. Sadly, nothing ever came of the recording sessions and Shotgun eventually morphed into VIZION, which released an album in 1980 that featured the vocals of Jan Houston.

Finally after more than 38 years, Shotgun's long lost studio sessions are presented for the first time ever on LP as they were meant to be heard.

The most amazing thing about these tracks is how they remained on the shelf all these years!

Previously unreleased vintage studio tracks from the 1970's



Seems Like You Would Understand  
Keep A Steady High  
Last Nite  
Silver Bullets  
Feelin' Good  
Leavin' On A Train  
In The Music  
Straight Out  
Play The Game  
Dallasian Rock