SLOWBONE -THE REAL ROCK & ROLL SWINDLE (early 70s rare prog/blues/pop/psych) CD

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Comprehensive 24-track CD covering this London rock band's full history from 1971-'77.

The material (with sound from the original tapes) encompasses prog-rock, blues, pop, glam, heavy funk and even some post Turquoise influenced psych, and there's a rare Dutch radio interview from 1975.

The detailed history in the booklet was written by Pete Sarfas who saw the band live over fifty times in the early to mid '70s, blowing the lid on the explosive story of how some of Slowbones songs, ideas and even logo were ripped off by the Sex Pistols and Iron Maiden.

This issue comes with many rare photos and memorabilia splashed across an eye-catching poster sleeve.
1     I'd Rather Die First     
2     The Last Goodbye     
3     Flying     
4     Get What You're Given     
5     Rock & Roll Star     
6     Chaning Ain't Easy     
7     Tales Of A Crooked Man     
8     Hot California Beach     
9     Do You See Me     
10     Night Of Day     
11     Got To Know     
12     Can I Bring You Love     
13     I'd Rather Die First     
14     Goodbye     
15     So Glad I'm A Woman     
16     Destination Tomorrow     
17     Oh Man     
18     Hazel Honeycup     
19     Hard     
20     Coma City     
21     Walking By Myself     
22     Round And Round     
23     We're So Pretty     
24     Dutch Radio Interview 1975