SMOGTOWN - Domesticviolenceland (West coast catchy SKATEPUNK CLASSIC) COLOR VINYL-

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 Color vinyl with one non-CD bonus track.

Domesticviolenceland continues Smogtown’s tradition of catchy hooks and a unique songwriting perspective. “Dance Asshole” and “Neutron Blonde” are some of the tracks that stand out. Continuing their bizarre obsession with fascism is the amusing “Straigth Off Adolf”. A tune like “Sneaking Out” is an enigmatic gem that reminds me that I can’t seem to reconcile the average age of the band with some of the content. Whether or not they are intentionally pandering to a younger audience becomes a moot point since older punks can crank these songs without feeling self-conscious. Chalk that up to an honest sounding delivery and the overall burliness of the band’s sound and appearance. Smogtown’s lyrics and vocal delivery is what sets it apart from the hoards of Johnny Rotten-come-latelys and Decendents-lite bands that pass for contemporary punk rock these days. If you can relate to or laugh at Repo Man, than Smogtown is for you.

These guys are brilliant. If you’re new to them, I’d recommend Fuhrers of the New Wave first, or Domesticviolenceland if it’s in stock. Smogtown came through my town and I missed the show. I’ve had a hard time sleeping since then. Go get your USRDA of high energy antagonism. Go buy Smogtown. Don’t be a dick. SKATE AND ANNOY


A1     Intro     0:14
A2     Domesticviolenceland     2:50
A3     Here Comes Those Freaks Again     1:50
A4     Dead Actors     2:33
A5     Dance Asshole     1:54
A6     Sneaking Out     3:18
A7     Middle Class High     1:36
A8     One Night In San Diego     
B1     Manifest Destinoid     2:21
B2     Moms And Dads     2:37
B3     Neutron Blonde     4:16
B4     Straight Off Adolf     1:52
B5     Breakdown Shakedown     1:51
B6     Ms. Behavior