ST. ALBERT'S DREAM - Vol. 2: Lucid Electric Prophet- with BOOKLET - COMP LP

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"Mandatory compilation containing no fillers and fiercely representative of my beloved heavy psychedelic genre. Crude, raw and uncompromising, what else?” — GAZHOO117, rateyourmusic

"This is a fantastic compilation of obscure 45's, and unreleased archival material. No duff tracks,  everything in the pocket as it were. This to me anyway, is the perfect type of compilation. All non album tracks, superb music, and all very hard to find.” — ashratom,

•A follow up to the highly rated “St. Albert’s Dream” compilation from 2013
•Booklet with bios and rare pictures of the bands
•Limited vinyl pressing of 600 copies

Heavy “dosed” psychedelia where The Prophet takes you to the depths of the unknown Acid Land. Twelve tracks from some of the deepest underground acts in North America, from the years 1968-1972. Plenty of raw fuzz, swirling effects, deep lyrics, heavy beats, and cool hooks from these mostly unknown heroes of this long past era of musical creativity. Sourced from micro-pressed 45’s and unreleased master tapes, these songs have never been compiled on vinyl before. Hear wizardry from such acts as Osceola, Hindenburg Lyon, Ark, Merriday Park and others. The very detailed fantasy cover art evidently shows "The Prophet as he enters the mythical Valley Of The Stone Giants.” And why not? Created for and by lovers of the mega-heavy and the ultra obscure.

Track List:
Side A:
A1    Concrete # 1  -  Ken Boe (Featuring Milo Mars)    
A2    Got To Get Away   -  Frozen Sun
A3    Makes Me Wanna Hollar   -  Osceola    
A4    Blue Sea Circus    -    Greylock Mansion    
A5    That's My Baby  -  Butter    
A6    Witchcraft  -  Merriday Park    

Side B:
B1    It All Comes Back  -  Gidian's Bible    
B2    Heat  -  The Fabulous Fish    
B3    In The Desert  -  Ark    
B4    Something Happened  -   Hindenburg Lyon    
B5    Underground Purple -  Result's Of Adult's
B6    Hey Jim  -  S.O.S.