STACK Above all -Wild and heavy psych hard-rock album from California, 1969! LP

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*Hard cardboard sleeve + OBI

Definitive reissue of this wild and heavy psychedelic hard-rock album from California, 1969, released in tiny quantities at the time. Ultra-loud guitars (think Blue Cheer or late 60s Who), melodic vocals and thundering rhythm section.

Newly remastered sound, original artwork, insert with extensive line notes by genre expert Clark Faville and lots of rare pictures / memorabilia.

Bonus track taken from a previously unreleased acetate.

"Early LA hardrock blowout with a British sound and Who and Led Zep influences. Best tracks go into ferocious guitar excursions that are among the best anywhere. Mandatory to any hard-rock fan. -Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives)

"Above All is one of the few pure and willfully heavy hard rock albums that rank as both incredibly rare and ultimately essential to a collection of American Rock" -Clark Faville