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Hailing from central Britanny (France), STONEBIRDS came out in 2008 as a quintet, inspired by both surrounding desolated landscapes and bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, The Melvins and Alice In Chains.

The 2018 album "Time" confirms the band's unique style matured on "Into The Fog" and its ability to write deeply emotional and complex songs. Once again recorded at Kerwax, this record is darker and more contrasted with heavier metal parts and lighter atmospheric moments. STONEBIRDS asserts itself as a singular voice in heavy music landscape.

I     3:11
Sacrifice     10:05
Blackened Sky     7:45
Only Time     9:39
Shutter part I     3:04
Shutter part II     8:07
Shutter part I     8:08
II     5:31