STRAY -Mudanzas (1966 hard rock prog) CD

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Stray had a prolific career, yet managed to elude the fame enjoyed by contemporaries like Cream, Thin Lizzy, or even Mountain. Formed in 1966, the hard rock, prog, and R&B outfit comprised of vocalist/guitarist Del Bromham, vocalist/guitarist Steve Gadd, bass player Gary Giles, and drummer Ritchie Cole signed to Transatlantic Records and released its debut, self-titled album in 1970. The group flirted with success throughout the '70s, releasing nine more records. “Mudanzas” (“Changes”) was their 1973 album. ‘I Believe It’ is an elegiac number crowned with a guitar solo reminiscent, in key, to ‘Stairway to Heaven;’ ‘Pretty Things’ more urgent, with room for blistering six-string work from Del Bromham. The guitarist did away entirely with these frills on more stripped-down, fan-familiar hard rock efforts like the Quadrophenia-esque ‘It's Alright Ma!’ and the Status Quo-styled boogie rock of ‘Hallelujah.’ He then led the group down distinctly Beatles-ish roads on ‘Oil Fumes and Sea Air’ and ‘Soon as You've Grown.’ Del Bromham (guitarist): “When we were signed up by Wilf Pine of Worldwide Artists, his decision was to take us off of the road for a while as we’d been constantly gigging for years. He thought coming back after a period of absence with a new sound and look could be what was needed. So now music was going to be the top priority. I remember when Wilf heard the new material for ‘Mudanzas’ he said: ‘I thought I’d signed the new Black Sabbath, but I think I’ve found the Beatles instead.’”