SURFBEAT BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN -Planetary Pebbles 1 (Primitive, rare Eastern European 60s garage) LP

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RARE AIP RELEASE.Featuring underground garage and surf rock musical artists east of the Iron Curtain that were recorded between 1963 and 1966. It is the first installment of the Planetary Pebbles series, which was a sub-series to the Pebbles series, and was released on AIP Records, on August 12, 1997 .Considering the Eastern European bands represented had little opportunity to record, the tracks are primitive in comparison to their Western contemporaries. Nonetheless, the album includes arguably among the rarest material available in the Pebbles series extensive catalog.


A1     –Klaus Lenz Sextett     Corso     
A2     –Black 'N' Whites     Komandosi     
A3     –Sincron     Pe Lkinga Plopii Fara Sot     
A4     –Trocadero Sextett     Leicht Verdreht     
A5     –Mefistos*     Return Of Gemini     
A6     –Thunderbirds (3)     African Guitars     
A7     –Niebiesko-Czarni     Nocny Alarm     
A8     –Boomerangs*     Crazy Guitars     
B1     –Orchester Charles Blackwell*     The Bumble Beat     
B2     –Slava Kunst Orchestra*     Lucifer In Coelis     
B3     –Die Sputniks     Sputniks Thema     
B4     –Black 'N' Whites     Take Blya Moja     
B5     –Sincron     In Gara La Leordeni     
B6     –Theo Schumann Combo     Aladin     
B7     –Miroslav Kefurth*     Twist On Strings