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    Collectors will cherish the recordings of the more obscure artists. From Record Collector: “

    As a follow-up to Rainy Day Mind, Fantastic Voyage’s second trawl through the Ember label’s pop archives proves that bantamweights can sometimes conjure forth a more evocative picture of a given era than the big hitters. Sweet Surrender comes across like a Tony Blackburn radio show circa 1970: untainted by heaviosity, cheerfully free of social comment and aimed simply at urging the Radio 1 Roadshow faithful to shuffle gamely onto the dance floor in their knee boots and hot pants.

    The Rusty Harness version of 'Take Me For A Little While' packs an ecstatic Northern soul thump and is a definite highlight, alongside girl group Mother Trucker’s chunky contributions ('Explosion In My Soul,' 'Wrap It Up'), 'Simone' by Mamas & Papas escapee Denny Doherty, Polly Niles’ sprightly take on 'For What It’s Worth' and Blue Beard’s endearingly rustic 'Country Man', on which the vocalist sounds as though he’s been smoking an exhaust pipe in the Appalachians since boyhood.”

    Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging.


    1                   –Polly Niles                   For What It's Worth                  

    2                   –Davey Payne (2)                   Why Can't I Be Your Man                  

    3                   –Linda Thorson                   Wishful Thinking                  

    4                   –Rusty Harness                   Susie B                  

    5                   –Blue Beard                   Country Man                  

    6                   –Polly Niles                   I Am A Child                  

    7                   –Touchwood                   You Got A Good Thing                  

    8                   –Rusty Harness                   Take Me For A Little While                  

    9                   –The New Faces                   Twilight Time                  

    10                   –P.J. Proby                   Mary In The Morning                  

    11                   –Denny Doherty                   Simone                  

    12                   –Mother Trucker                   Explosion In My Soul                  

    13                   –Paula Knight (2)                   It's The Same Old Song                  

    14                   –Nikki Richards                   I Wonder What You're Doing Tonight                  

    15                   –Robyn                   To My Surprise                  

    16                   –Mahogany (20)                   Old Dreams And Memories                  

    17                   –Sean                   Sweet Surrender                  

    18                   –Mother Trucker                   Wrap It Up                  

    19                   –Denny Doherty                   Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling                  

    20                   –Nikki Richards                   Everyday                  

    21                   –Robyn                   Back On Watership Down                  

    22                   –Susan Maughan                   Time (Is Such A Funny Thing)

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