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SWITCHED ON BOB -A Tribute to Boob Moog- COMP CD

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    Bob Moog and his glorious, poetic instruments are the historic foundation of electronic music. "Switched on Bob" is a tribute to the late Bob Moog.

    The concept started with the enthusiasm of Maurizio Er Man Mansueti (Transistors), Luca Luke Cirillo (Transistors), and Paolo Bruno Margoni (Margoo) in September 2005 at the Transistors’ Lab. The idea was to collect materials for a multimedia-CD with the participation of a selected group of artists who were each to contribute a piece inspired by Moog’s huge influences on music, design, graphic illustration, or simply inspired by the beautiful sounds of Moog’s own instruments. Since Bob Moog was neither composer nor recording artist, this tribute relies on artists performing relatively short synthesizer pieces Sometimes the results are clever and touching: the Transistors’ track, 'Switched on Bob,' which has neat sound effects and chant-like unison singing supporting a soft lead, is pretty terrific. And Funki Porcini’s take on Henry Mancini’s 'Moon River' (called 'Moog River') is a natural for synth. Timeless Sonic Factory’s rockin’ 'The Day the Moog Stood Still' samples dialogue from the great 1950s sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still. This is not a conventional compilation, but instead an authentic project dedicated to the father of modern synthesizers.



    1     –The Transistors     Switched On Bob     3:26
    2     –Giorgio Li Calzi Feat. Wolfgang Flür     Freakin' Out     3:46
    3     –Funki Porcini     Moog River     3:15
    4     –Timeless Sonic Factory     The Day The Moog Stood Still     3:46
    5     –Dan Lacksman     Mr. Moog     3:24
    6     –Margoo     Hipsters Shangri-La     4:16
    7     –Eugene (3)     Space 1979 (Airless Edit)     5:40
    8     –Mucca Macca     Sunflower     4:17
    9     –Enrico Cosimi     Soylent Green     4:02
    10     –Grand David*     Herpex Delux     3:09
    11     –Jean-Jacques Perrey And Dana Countryman     Chicken On The Rocks     2:30
    12     –Dana Countryman     Cocktail In Space     3:08
    13     –Messer Chups     Zombie In Mini-Skirt     2:51
    14     –Rural War Room     Rural War Room (TSF Supersonic Remix)     3:01
    15     –Mir (5)     Xbb8     3:30
    16     –Creamyshoes     Welcome Democracy     3:16
    17     –Alessio Santoni     Baobob     3:08
    18     –9Lazy9*     The Flying Nun (Remix)     4:28
    19     –Reverse E     Somebody Build My Bed     2:54
    20     –Misty Roses     Mario And Dario (Analogue Nightmare Mix)     3:14

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