TAKIN' A DETOUR -VOL 2 (14 of the best Mod / Garage / Power-Pop and Acid Jazz cuts!) COMP CD

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Detour Records has scoured the globe and found 14 of the best Mod / Garage / Power-Pop and Acid Jazz cuts to make up ‘Takin’ A Detour Vol. 2’.

From the opening Hammond blast of the UK’s The Leicester Squares, you know you’re in for a treat. The CD  runs the gamut from the Power-Pop sensations of Sweden’s The Rumble Bees to the Mod / Psych power of Frances The Strawberry Smell, and the CD  really shines on Australia’s The Green Circles 60's orientated Garage  Pop track.

There is definitely something for everyone on this brilliant release with new songs from: The Leicester Squares, The Apemen, Hipster, The Rumble Bees, The Snydes, The Nines, The London Underground, The Strawberry Smell, Los Zoom, The Green Circles, Thee Cherylinas, The Upper Fifth, Supersonic and The Dilemmas.


1    The Leicester Squares–    Rave Up At Doogaloo’s
2    The Apemen (2)–    Cash
3    Hipster–    Woman That I Love
4    The Rumble Bees–    Nobody Smiles Anymore
5    The Snydes–    Bubblegum Baby
6    The Nines (3)–    My Pocket
7    The London Underground–    Love Is A Beautiful Thing
8    The Strawberry Smell*–    Balthazar
9    Los Zoom–    Out Of My Way
10    The Green Circles*–    Girl In A Morris Minor
11    Thee Cherylinas–    One Day
12    The Upper Fifth–    Too Far Gone
13    Supersonic (11)–    Natural Born Groover
14    The Dilemmas–    Everything Caved In Today