THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT-Film Stars Not Dead (Japanese cult rock and rollers IYL Who, Iggy,Ramones ) RARE DVD

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Unofficial Release, Dolby Digital ARCHIVE COPY.  NOT SEALED BUT MINT 

Though little-known in America prior to 2000, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant formed in Japan back in 1991 and began playing raucous garage rock & roll inspired by British punk and blues. For anyone  who wants something a la Guitar Wolf, this band will not disappoint. Though the Land Of The Rising Sun's other garage punk bands (e.g. Teengenerate and Guitar Wolf) almost exclusively cut their teeth on the three-chords-and-a-sneer style of artists like Eddie Cochran and the Ramones, Michelle Gun Elephant also fervently worships the cosmic live intensity of The Who and the white soul of the MC5, as well as the destructo rock of lesser-known U.S. bands like the Sonics and the Scientists.
    Part I Film Stars Not Dead: PV Clips
1     G.W.D.     
2     Out Blues     
3     Smokin' Billy     
4     Cisco     
5     GT4000     
6     Revolver Junkies     
7     Cobra     
8     Silk     
9     Drop     
10     Plasma Dive     
11     Dead Star End     
    Part II Film Star Revenge! VTR Singles Collection
12     Marshmallow Monster     
13     世界の終わり (Smash Hits Version)     
14     Black Tambourine     
15     Candy House     
16     Lily     
17     Culture     
18     Get Up Lucy     
19     The Birdmen     
20     Boogie     
    Part III Play Maximum Rockin' Blues
21     Opening     
22     ブラック・タンブリン     
23     Blue Nylon Shirts     
24     ステッピン・ストーン     
25     君に会いにゆこう     
26     世界の終わり     
27     オートマチック     
28     キング     
29     いじけるなベイビー     
30     眠らなきゃ