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THIRD EYE - Complete (1969 psych prog) DBL CD

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    ÔLong acknowledged by psych-prog fans worldwide as one of the most important South African groups of that genre, DurbanÕs The Third Eye recorded three landmark albums between 1969 and 1970. Gathered together for the first time on a double disc set are the three albums plus six newly discovered, unreleased studio tracks and rare singles. Packed with photos from the bandÕs archive and insightful, updated liner notes this release is the complete Third Eye collection.Ó The Third Eye started playing in 1968, based in Durban -- a coastal city several hundred miles away from the recording and musical hub of Johannesburg. Awakening... came out in 1969 when Dawn Selby was only 14 years old. Just imagine her age when you listen to the blistering organ and piano tracks. Followed by two more albums Searching (1969) and Brother (1970), The Third Eye produced a veritable volcano of work in a short period of time, even challenging fellow peers Freedoms Children for the title of heaviest band in South Africa. Their debut, ÒAwakening...Ó is the most complex of all three of their albums, with great brass arrangements, piano, Hammond organ, fuzz-guitar and soul-infused vocals. Musically headed in the direction of bands such as Electric Flag, The Nice, and Al Cooper; pure electric underground of the best sort. On the second album, ÒSearching,Ó the music is heavier, the lyrics full of political statementsÑaltogether more psychedelic, and a bigger step down into the musical underground. The 14-minute track ÔAwakeningÕ is amazing, with great organ and extra heavy fuzz-guitar. The music on ÒBrotherÓ (1970) is closer to that of their debut (without the brass arrangements), with more organ-based compositions, beautiful vocals, and guitars. Comparable to bands from the U.S. and UK undergrounds, such as Electric Flag and Keef Hartley Band. As weÕve already indicated, this set has all three albums in their entirety, plus six bonus tracks that have never been released before now Tracklist Disc 1 - Awakening/Searching 1-1 All Along The Watchtower 3:12 1-2 Lost Boy 4:28 1-3 Valley Of Sadness 3:05 1-4 Apricot Brandy 5:08 1-5 Magic Handkerchief 3:06 1-6 Love Is A Beautiful Thing 3:10 1-7 My Head Spins Round 3:28 1-8 Snow Child 3:28 1-9 Morning Dew 4:30 1-10 Society's Child 3:58 1-11 A Sad Tale 5:34 1-12 Selby's Hospitality 2:09 1-13 Retain Your Half-Ticket 3:56 1-14 Stagemakers 5:34 1-15 Awakening 13:52 1-16 I Can't Believe It 3:07 Disc 2 - Brother 2-1 Brother 4:03 2-2 Once Upon A Time (Part 1) 3:45 2-3 Once Upon A Time (Part 2) 3:57 2-4 Listen To The Bells 5:35 2-5 Sister 3:58 2-6 Young Folk And The Old Folk 3:27 Fire: 7:49 2-7.a Prelude 2-7.b Poem 2-7.c Fire Bonus Tracks 2-8 Caterpillar 2:30 2-9 What's Going On 3:54 2-10 Running Away 4:20 2-11 Free 2:54 2-12 All The Time 2:09 2-13 With The Sun Shining Bright 2:58

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