TRIP IN TYME Vol 1 (23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds) COMP CD

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Essential garage greats! 25 track collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. All contributions from famous Lance LP series.


1             –Ovaitt Brothers*             How Can I            

2             –Paatz*             Tell The World            

3             –TR-4*             Let It Be Known            

4             –Pied Pipers*             Stay In My Life            

5             –Rogues*             Opportunity            

6             –Sand Pipers*             Stand Up Girl            

7             –Scholars*             I Need Your Lovin'            

8             –Serfmen*             Cry            

9             –Shades*             I Need You            

10             –Sir Laurence & The Crescents             Flip Me Over            

11             –Sites N' Sounds             The Night Is So Dark            

12             –Sleepless Knights*             Driving Me Crazy            

13             –Snails             When I Met You            

14             –Fabulous Royals*             She Told Me (That I Had To Wait)            

15             –Sound Track*             I See The Light            

16             –Starfires*             The Hardest Way            

17             –Torquays*             Something Else Kind Of Woman            

18             –Clann*             Hey, Baby            

19             –Culls*             Midnight To Six Man            

20             –Shillings*             Forgive Me My Love            

21             –Villagers*             Cool It            

22             –Dicky Treadway & The Salados             You Can't Believe It            

23             –Voxmen             Time Won't Change My Mind            

24             –Watchband*             No Dice!            

25             –Why Four*             Hard Life