UNION 13 - Symptoms of Humanity (2003 Hardcore from Duane Peter's label) LAST COPIES! CD

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The band's fourth album. "Symptoms of Humanity, and it's not just the fiercely plucked acoustic arpeggios that begin this brief-but-boisterous album and shimmer intermittently throughout an otherwise decibel-busting effort. A breathless pace dutifully maintained by the Eastlos straight-edge trio (who blister through the most brutal hardcore found outside an Iraqi insurrection) somehow relaxes your mind despite its guitar grinds and machine-gun drums. Similarly soothing are the shouts of chief guitarist/writer Jose Mercado, whose howl-a-heartbeat singing style is so ruthless in its rancor that it could, in the wrong hands, be effectively used for PSYOP operations. What makes Symptoms of Humanity so reassuring, notwithstanding the jackhammer-on-eardrums music, are Union 13's usual excellent letters, articulate diatribes assailing oil-inspired wars (the grandiosely apocalyptic "No Borders, No Boundaries"), brain-frying multinationals ("Manipulation, Globalist Deeds" should warrant the group a call from Ashcroft for merely thinking it) and pretty much anything else lulling the masses into suicidal complacency." - OC Weekly


1 The All Seeing Eye  
2 Symptoms Of Humanity  
3 No Borders, No Boundaries  
4 Going Through This  
5 Too Late  
6 Enfrentando Nuestros Miedos  
7 The Future And The Past  
8 Traces  
9 Los Tiempos Atras  
10 I Promise  
11 Manipulation, Globalist Deeds  
12 Now Days  
13 Todos Nuestros Suenos  
14 A War Within  
15 The Fundamentals