UNRELATED SEGMENTS -Where You Gonna Go (66-75 Michigan proto hard rock) CD

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Sixties punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order! Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Master tape sound, insert with photos and liner notes. The Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Tracks like “Cry, Cry, Cry” with its teenage-angst vocals and out of control fuzztone guitar break, “The Story Of My Life” with that bizarre and ultra-punk bass line or the moody-punker “It’s gonna rain” have been included on countless garage comps (Back From The Grave, Acid Dreams, Nuggets, etc) and have been covered by numerous bands who worship them as 60s punk Gods.

Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. After three outstanding 45s, they recorded a projected fourth single that never saw the light of day, just when the band had changed its name to U.S and had started playing in a heavier vein, similar to early MC5. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes / rehearsals, you’ll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments / Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock! “The Unrelated Segments emerged from the same downriver suburbs that had produced the MC5, and their suburban mutation was almost as unique. Singer Ron Stults had an unforgettable style somewhere between punk snarl and Brit erudition and the songs he wrote with lead guitarist Rory Mack were catchy and substantial” – Ben Edmonds (Creeem, Rolling Stone, Mojo

1     –The Boys (18)     How Do You Do With Me     
2     –The Quintette Plus     Grits And Grease     
3     –The Unknowns*     Night Walkin'     
4     –The Tidal Waves     Farmer John     
5     –The Tidal Waves     She Left Me All Alone     
6     –The Tidal Waves     I Don't Need Love     
7     –The Tidal Waves     Big Boy Pete     
8     –The Tidal Waves     Action (Speaks Louder Than Words)     
9     –The Tidal Waves     She's My Woman     
10     –The District Six     7 And 7 Is     
11     –The District Six     East Side Story     
12     –The Couriers (2)     I Couldn't Care Less     
13     –The Couriers (2)     Just Tell Me     
14     –The District Six     Remember     
15     –The Lykes Of Us     7:30 Said     
16     –The Lykes Of Us     Tell Me Why Your Light Shines     
17     –The Unrelated Segments*     Story Of My Life     
18     –The Unrelated Segments*     Its Not Fair     
19     –The Unrelated Segments*     Where You Gonna Go?