UTHER PENDRAGON -San Francisco Earthquake 3LP -prev. unrel. West Coast guitar psych, 1966-1975. LP BOX SET

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A treasure trove of previously unreleased West Coast guitar psychedelia, dating from the period 1966-1975, issued as a TRIPLE-LP in a DELUXE PURPLE/GOLD HOTFOIL BOX! An 8-page booklet (with detailed liner notes by Ugly Things' Mike Stax and rare pix) and a poster are included

. This obscure Bay Area band existed from 1966 to 1978, had various names, but never an official release. Active under monikers s.a. Blue Fever, Timne, (Hodological) Mandala and, from the early '70s on, UTHER PENDRAGON, the band's style evolved from garage to heavy psych to hardrock.

This amazing release includes the band's '67 garage-psych acetate 7-inch (a must-hear for fans of Music Machine and Human Expression), studio demos, home recordings and more.

One of the last undiscovered killer bands from the era?
A1     Intro - You're A Human Now     6:02
A2     Side Of The Dawn     4:12
A3     Who's Gonna Try     5:43
A4     Devil's Due     5:09
B1     10 Miles To Freedom     10:58
B2     San Francisco Earthquake     5:26
B3     Signify Justice     2:58
B4     Love Lock Temperature Drop     2:30
C1     Magical Door     3:29
C2     Peter Pan Blowup     2:22
C3     Luxury's Draft     4:07
C4     Realm Of 7 Planes     5:28
C5     Man Of Means     5:08
D1     Spanish Fly     6:31
D2     King Muskrat     6:49
D3     See It My Way     6:12
E1     Rock And Roll Star     2:34
E2     Meanie Jeanie - Old Man     10:04
E3     Troubles     9:02
F1     Woman     4:17
F2     Hell's Rock     2:51
F3     They'll Never Last     3:29
F4     Kristina     4:17
F5     Music Box     6:51