VALENTI,DINO -ST (overlooked classic 60s psych) CD

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An overlooked classic of maybe the deepest 60's psychedelic/folk rock ever recorded. Born Chet Powers, Valente wrote the classic 60's hit ‘Get Together' and soon became a prominent figure in the summer of love in San Francisco he joined Quicksilver Messenger Service in their early days and re-joined later as lead vocalist and main songwriter composing most of the material on “What About Me" and “Just For Love." He also wrote the track 'Fresh Air,' the nearest thing Quicksilver ever came to having a hit single. This album is the only solo work he ever produced and he sadly died in 1994. Dino Valente's sole album recalls the one issued by another San Francisco artist signed to CBS in the late '60s, Skip Spence: quirky, lyrically vague, folky yet psychedelic, and nearly devoid of commercial potential in spite of its largely pleasant (if moody) melodies and textures.
1     Time     3:00
2     Something New     7:21
3     My Friend     5:47
4     Listen To Me     3:08
5     Me And My Uncle     3:57
6     Tomorrow     4:04
7     Children Of The Sun     6:57
8     New Wind Blowing     6:09
9     Everything Is Gonna Be OK     2:48
10     Test     3:07
11     Shame On You Babe     8:04
12     Now And Now Only     4:02
Tracks 11 and 12 are bonus tracks.