VIRUS -Revelation- PIC DISC 1970 KRAUTROCK/psych- LP

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Virus' debut is one of those albums that perfectly defines the Krautrock genre as we know it today: a mix of psychedelic, hard rock, and a secret ingredient, to be whispered about in the dark halls of the murky and mysterious underground. Sure, the title track includes a take on The Rolling Stones' 'Paint it Black' among it's twelve minutes, but why not? that song was crucial to the European psychedelic underground with its Eastern jam cycle motif. If you're looking for loud acid guitar, flute, and jamming organ with tribal drumming, and stoned vocals, you have come to the right place.

That might be why people liken this album to early Pink Floyd. It gets freakier as it goes; by the time you get to 'Nur noch Zwei Lichtjahre' with its foreboding German narration, you know you have found ground zero for the entire Zeitgeist. This isn't the cosmiche Krautrock of Ash Ra Tempel or Sergius Golowin, Cosmic Jokers, etc.

But if you're looking for the hard rock portion of the Krautrock cathedral, you found it here." Includes two tracks from a 1970 single as bonus tracks.
A1     Revelation (Nach Dem Thema „Paint It Black”)     12:11
A2     Endless Game     12:15
B1     Burning Candle     5:24
B2     Hungry Looser     10:28
B3     Nur Noch Zwei Lichtjahre     7:50