WAYGOOD ,OTIS BLUES BAND -ST (1969 acid blues w fuzz guitars from S. Africa) CD

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Excellent album from one of South Africa's best kept secrets, this is slow acid blues with amazing fuzz guitars and gentle passages with flute playing to die for.

Long extended jams on certain tracks get heavier and heavier.

The first nine tracks on this disc are their complete Parlophone label album from 1970, including their classic takes on traditional tunes 'Watch 'n Chain' and 'I Can't Keep From Crying', plus their burning version of 'Fever', not blues rock as one might think, it's bluesy no doubt, but with flute and saxophone giving a hippie jamming Sweetwater vibe to the proceedings;

three bonus tracks are from their jazzier 1971 Parlophone album "Ten Claps and a Scream"; liner notes and photos have complete band history.

They came from Rhodesia in 1969 and had people freaking out straight away at their high-octane live shows; by 1971 they were gone,and rock in Africa was never the same again!



1 You're Late Miss Kate  
2 Watch An' Chain  
3 So Many Ways  
4 I Can't Keep From Crying  
5 Fever  
6 Wee Wee Baby  
7 Better Off On My Own  
8 Help Me  
9 I'm Happy  
10 Devil Bones  
11 You Can Do Part One  
12 You Can Do Part Two