WAYGOOD , OTIS --Ten Light Claps And A Scream (1969 acid blues from South Africa) CD

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This version includes all the original songs and a rare 1977 bonus track, plus updated liner notes and some newly discovered photos.

One of the lost treasures of EMI-Parlophone’s heavy rock catalog, the third and final LP from South Africa’s Otis Waygood has finally been presented on its own, thanks to the folks at Fresh Music. Originally released in 1971, Ten Light Claps and a Scream smacks of the influence of England’s heavy psych movement, particularly the rumble of such bands as Bloodwyn Pig and the Groundhogs. Otis delivered the rock with a little more bite, thanks to the band’s unbridled devotion to the blues and the killer production of South African rock mavens Julian Laxton of the South African prog group Freedom’s Children and Johannesburg-born, UK-based record executive Clive Calder. Laxton made plentiful use of his famous "magic box": a kind of phasing/echo machine he'd built and used on stage with Freedom's Children. Any fan of old, loud, trippy acid rock from the Vietnam era would be wise to check out this onetime collector’s item from one of the era’s great, unsung acts.