WHEELS ON FIRE --LIAR, LIAR (garage-y-keyboard driven power pop/rocknroll ) CD

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Welcome to the Land of the Haunted Houses! The WHEELS ON FIRE are a young & gritty four piece hailing from Athens, Ohio and we're excited to exclusively present their new full length album Liar, Liar on CD/LP. The quartet plays garage-y-keyboard driven power pop/rocknroll grown up in Time Bomb Highschool. Mix the GREG OBLIVIAN's latest output with the modern pop edge of swedish LOST PATROL BAND or CAESARS (for adults: put ELVIS COSTELLO or electrified 60s sunshine in here) and you get what you need for the summer or the long wait for the next summer. Its the midwest where you can listen to the best records, develop a magic antennae for great songwriting and still take it easy sing about UFOs and deliver the soundtrack for any beach blow-out. Two guitars, no bass, a feverish beat and girl on the keys. Yep! Well crafted songwriting full of hooks and a great vocals - check!