WILDSVILLE -VA 16 tracks of weird and wonderfully wacky tracks from the 50s and 60s COMP LP

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We already have 'Weirdsville' and 'Wowsville' and now the collection is complete with 'Wildsville'...

Oh yeah, 16 tracks of weird and wonderfully whacky tracks including the Gamma Goochee himself, The Creep, The Lifeguards and sooo much more. If you don't already have the other couple of volumes in this series, you really should. These were compiled by the same folk that originally did the 'Born Bad' series. Good enough pedigree for you? SIDE 1: 1. The Gamma Goochee Himself - The Gamma Goochee 2. Travis Wammack - Distortion Part 1 3. Hollywood Hurricanes - Beavershot 4. The Big Beats - Under Arrest 5. Ron & Joe And The Crew - Riot In Cell Block No. 9 6. The Knockouts - Riot In Room 3C 7. The Opposite Six - Church Key (Pt. 68) 8. Johnny Amelio - Jugue SIDE 2: 1. The Creep - Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo 2. The Lifeguards - Everybody Out'ta The Pool 3. Drits & Dravy - Talk That Talk Pt. 1 4. Bobby Lee Trammell - New Dance In France 5. Big John Taylor - Money, Money 6. The Triads - Bacon Fat 7. The Toads - Backaruda 8. Kai Ray - Trashman's Blues