WITCHE'S BREW -WHITE TRASH SIDESHOW (70s blues psych style) CD

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Witche's Brew band was born from the association of two well-known soloists of the Italian music scene: Mirko Zonca, pioneer of the Psychedelic Grunge in the late 1980s, and Mirko Bosco, ex guitar player of the historic DISPER-AZIONE band (1985 - 89), recently back in Italy after a ten-year adventure in the USA.

Confident of their many years experience as musicians, Witche's Brew immediately started to work on new productions and re-editing of music pieces from the personal repertoire of the members.

The result is a sound that widely hints to the Seventies atmosphere, with blues and psychedelic nuances but the same strength as Black Sabbath. After an initial period of adjustment, the band (under the final form of a Power Trio) set out for a journey that would have led it to perform almost exclusively abroad. In March 2009, during the Austrian tour, Witche's Brew record a live EP ("Pentatonicspeedfreacks") later published by a label from Pisa, COSTA OVEST RECORDS. A few changes occurred to the bands line up during its history: drummer Max Baxter (ex Warning shock, Insound) substituted the session man Yggy Leonetti, and was lately replaced by Joseph Solci, who finally completed the line up and added a further rock'n'roll "kick" to Witche's Brew's sound.