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    Super rare out of print comp.  In the late 1970s and '80s, the Moxie label was famous, or infamous, for its Boulders compilations of obscure '60s garage rock.

    Boulders was to Pebbles what Pebbles was to Nuggets; an even rawer, more obscure approach to unearthing '60s garage music, in both the rarities arena and the fidelity and graphics of the packages.

    More than a decade after Boulders' demise, AIP (which handles the Pebbles series) is anthologizing its one-time rival, this first volume presenting a whopping 52 songs (including one, the Checklads' "Shake Yourself Down," that did not appear on the original Moxie series) on its two CDs. The pressings of Boulders were notorious for their poor fidelity, and to its credit, AIP (not exactly a bastion of digitized sound itself) has remastered from cleaner copies of these rarities when possible.

    This is one of the better bulky garage anthologies, as it is more flexible in its scope than many '60s punk comps (such as the later Pebbles volumes, which usually stick to standard snotty rants. There are plenty of those here, actually, but there are also some good folk-rockers, a Sonny & Cher soundalike (Boo Boo & Bunky), a cover of a song from the Mothers' Freak Out (the Basooties' "You Didn't Try to Call Me"), and a single that sounds like a Freak Out wannabe (Communication Aggregation's "Freakout USA"). There are also some touches of pop and soul, as in the Cherry Slush's outstanding "I Cannot Stop You," and the Down 5's "I'm Takin' It Home," produced by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. And there are a surprising number of entries recorded by major labels. For pure '60s punk dementia, it doesn't get much hotter than the Chocolate Moose's "Chocolate Moose Theme." The Avengers' "Open Your Eyes," which affixes some hypnotic psychedelia to the Byrds' jangle-folk-rock, is one of the great, outstanding, obscure mid-'60s singles of all; the Birdwatchers' "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway," with its neat alternation of stomping verse and light British Invasion harmonies on the chorus, had (unlike most of the stuff on Boulders) actual hit potential. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
    1-1     –Ebb Tides     Seance     
    1-2     –Eddie & The Showmen     Come On Babe     
    1-3     –Eddie & The Showmen     Danny Boy     
    1-4     –Eddie & The Showmen     Sheila     
    1-5     –Edge Of Darkness*     Mean Town     
    1-6     –Eggheads*     Foolin' Around     
    1-7     –Electric Train*     Try Harder     
    1-8     –Electric Train*     Through Winter & Sunshine     
    1-9     –Emergency Exit*     Why Girl     
    1-10     –Enchanted Forist     It Don't Mean A Thing Anymore     
    1-11     –Escapades*     Mad Mad Mad     
    1-12     –Ethics*     Confusion     
    1-13     –Evergreen Blues*     Three's A Crowd     
    1-14     –Fifth Order*     Goin' Too Far     
    1-15     –Five Cards Stud*     Everybody Needs Somebody     
    1-16     –Five Of Us*     Hey You     
    1-17     –49th Parallel (2)     You Do Things     
    1-18     –Fountain Of Youth*     Don't Blame Me     
    1-19     –Gentlemen Wild*     You Gotta Leave     
    1-20     –H.B. & The Checkmates     Louise, Louise     
    1-21     –Heart Attacks*     Babba Diddy Baby     
    1-22     –Huns*     Long Way Around     
    1-23     –Huns*     The World You Cannot Hide From     
    1-24     –Huns*     I've Got You On My Mind     
    1-25     –Huns*     I Gotta Move     
    1-26     –Individuals*     Monkey On My Back     
    1-27     –J. Michael & The Bushmen     I Need Love     
    1-28     –Jackasses*     Sugaree     
    2-1     –Jerry & The Landslides     Get Off Of My Roof     
    2-2     –Jimmy Solley     I Just Gotta Get A Little More Sleep     
    2-3     –Laymen*     Practice What You Preach     
    2-4     –Legend*     Portrait Of Youth     
    2-5     –Limey & The Yanks     Gather My Things And Go     
    2-6     –The Little Boy Blues     It's Only You     
    2-7     –Livin' End*     The Orange Rooftop Of My Baby's Mind     
    2-8     –Livin' End*     She's A Teaser     
    2-9     –Livin' End     You're My Woman     
    2-10     –Love Affair*     Let Me Know     
    2-11     –Magic Mushrooms*     Never Let Go     
    2-12     –Man-Dells     Bonnie     
    2-13     –Meddy's People     Sha La La La Lee     
    2-14     –Mersey Men*     I Can Tell     
    2-15     –Michel & The French Canadians     'Cause I Believe     
    2-16     –Mops*     Blind Bird     
    2-17     –Mystic Number National Bank     I Put A Spell On You     
    2-18     –New Wing     I Need Love     
    2-19     –Nikita The K     Go Go Radio Moscow     
    2-20     –One Eyed Jacks*     Love     
    2-21     –Other Side*     Streetcar     
    2-22     –Perils*     Hate     
    2-23     –Petrified Forest     So Mystifying     
    2-24     –Prodigal*     You've Got Me     
    2-25     –R. Rogues*     The Sound     
    2-26     –Rain (12)     E.S.P.     
    2-27     –Rain (12)     Outta My Life     
    2-28     –Randy & The Radiants     My Way Of Think

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