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BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES - A Touch Of Someone Else's Class (Prod by Dan of Black Keys) - CD

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    "Nashville's Black Diamond Heavies spent a lot of time on the road after the release of their first album, 2007's Every Damn Time, and you can hear the lessons of dozens of sweatbox gigs on their second full-length set, 2008's A Touch of Someone Else's Class. While James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers) on vocals and keys and Van Campbell on drums sounded tight and fiery the first time around, on their sophomore LP they sound tougher, harder, and practically incendiary; the duo's blues gestures are just as solid as before, but there's an emotional weight and an almost telepathic synergy between Leg and Campbell (...) Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys produced and recorded these sessions, and while his approach feels pretty hands-off, the results suggest having a more sympathetic hand behind the board was a real help for the band. And when a band's originals sound as good as covers of stuff by Tina Turner, Nina Simone, and T-Model Ford, there's no question it must be doing something right. In short, if you want to hear some blues-shot rock that'll kick your butt and make you love it, A Touch of Someone Else's Class is one album you need to hear." - Mark Deming/All Music Guide "Mucho credit is given to these Heavies for retaining that storming, redlining fuzz to the point of something like a new kick. Especially on Solid Gold where the organ playing starts to whoosh in unexpected corners of the song, cymbals crash like garbage can tops.” – Eric Dvidson/CMJ “A Touch Of Someone Else’s Class is a pure adrenaline shot for any jaded rock’n’roll fan in need of one.” - Jason Schneider / Exclaim
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