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Yep, we’re still here and still getting in some great stuff for you guys! And don’t worry, me and Patrick are properly quarantined, along with our assistants Peter and Ryan, who are also quarantined, so we’re not taking any chances (Mailorder is exempt from closure, luckily). Los Angeles is a ghost town but the mail is running and the shipments are arriving, so we can get you just what you need to hunker in the bunker. By the time the next Shindig hits the streets we’ll be out of this mess! Wont be long now, and meanwhile some fabulous tunes and reading material to get you thru it.

This weekend we have the new SHINDIG and some excellent imports, both new arrivals and restocks of things we sold out of quickly last time that you might have missed out on.

And have some fun surfing our site while you’re passing the time, you can type any genre of music into our search and get hundreds of hits. PSYCH gets you about 900 titles, GARAGE gets you 700, and of course we have the subsections for price... over 400 $5 and under items and 700 under $10!! That will keep you amused.

And maybe delve into the ALIVE site. You can hear hear some songs and play some videos and see what’s coming up… you’ll love the new BOBBY LEES record, produced by the legendary JON SPENCER! “The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock NY. Their new record “Skin Suit” is produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion, and mixes classic garage-punk hits with raw and emotive storytelling.”

And a new one by our boys THE DIRTY STREETS too! “This rough and tumble recording captures the high-energy power trio Dirty Streets live on Ditty TV, in Memphis, Tennessee. This is heavy, bluesy rock’n’roll played with heart. Crank up the volume and let it rip!”

Take care of yourselves guys, it will be over soon!
Suzy Shaw

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SHINDIG!-#102 Beau Brummels Label: OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just your choices with your order.
Beau Brummels San Francisco's Pop pioneers cover! Barnabus Warwickshire ’70s heavies unearthed|,The Hollies Bobby Elliott’s Californian memorie,Neil Innes The remarkable career of a singular talent,Rod McKuen The many sides of a true musical maverick,Supersister Brilliantly bonkers prog, Dutch-style
BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:22864

DYER, TOM NEW PAGAN GODS-HISTORY OF NORTHWEST ROCK VOL. 1 1959-1968-Label:GREEN MONKEY For his ninth release in the last six years, Tom Dyer embraced the NW cannon of his youth, meaning works by The Sonics, The Wailers, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Ventures, The Fleetwoods, Merrilee Rush, as well as many lesser known gems from the years 1957-'68. Assisted by Scott Sutherland and Scott Vanderpool (King County Queens), Joe Ross and Jeff Kelly of the Green Pajamas, and producer Steve Fisk, he recorded a bunch of exciting cover versions. And since the originals can't be topped, they did it their way! The six-panel cover contains extensive notes about the making of the album as well as the original artists who recorded these songs. CD $16 SKU:22820

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-ALIGN IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION (spaced-out vibes and '60s acid blues )-Label:ASTRAL PROJECTIon It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes. 70's cosmic psychedelic jam.CD $17 SKU:22810

PYRIOR - ONESTONE (heavy psych/stoner rock) Label:SETALIGHT On 'Onestone' spherical guitar sounds are combined with groovy rhythms. A mix of stonerrock and heavy psychedelic rock in a cosmic haze. CD $18 SKU:22813

SHIVVERS-ST (70s POWERPOP) Label:BACHELOR/RERUN Based in Milwaukee, The Shivvers was one of the coolest and best power pop units of the late '70s and early '80s. Although only one single was released during the band's active career, The Shivvers recorded an album's worth of ultra catchy material. Now all those recordings, dating back to 1980, are available on one killer compilation album. Co-release with Rerun Records (USA). CD $19 SKU:22750

SWEDISH FINNISH- ST(Guitar pop)Label:GREEN MONKEY The key to the Swedish Finnish pop magic are hooks that earworm their way into your brain, making them instantly memorable. The glorious three-part harmonies soar through songs, guitars intertwine and the beat is steady. Delicious slices of sonic heaven. Swedish Finnish proudly shouts their influences loud and clear - the chunky 'Mine Is Better' channels T. Rex; 'Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)' is like a long-lost Ronettes song (with the boys doing the singing). 'Hungover' and 'Marla's House' recall their biggest heroes, The Beatles, while 'I'm Leaving' takes the classic chord progression of Them's 'Gloria,' and puts it into a brand new context CD $15 SKU:22823

TRUTH AND JANEY-Topeka Jam (70s midwest power trio Psych)Label:ROCKADROME RECORDS (USA) Excavated from the archives of a long-time roadie and brought back from the brink of disintegration comes this collection of live recordings made over several nights in Topeka, Kansas circa 1974. The celebrated Iowa hard rock trio is captured here in raw form doing what they did best, stretching out into extended jam sessions featuring heavy guitar action from Billylee Janey, booming fuzz bass from Steve Bock, and Denis Bunce locked in the zone behind his drum kit. "Midnight Horsemen," originally released as a 3-minute single in 1972, is featured here as a 22-minute jam and is a prime example of vintage Truth and Janey. Also included are several previously unreleased songs which have not been heard in over 40 years, as well as early versions of "Down the Road" and "My Mind," from their 1976 underground hard rock classic debut album, "No Rest for the Wicked." DigipakCD $14 SKU:22586

REBEL ROUSERS-The Best of REbels Vol ONE- 15 ear Bashing Greats (PEBBLES/ NUGGETS STYLE) Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. COMP LP $28 SKU:22825

COZMIC CORRIDORS- ST(ultra rare underground 1972 Kraut monster) Label: MENTAL EXPERIENCE A vinyl reissue of an ultra rare (no surviving copies are known to exist!) underground kraut-kosmische monster, recorded/produced circa 1972-'73 in Cologne by Toby "The Mad Twiddler" Robinson for his Pyramid label. The band featured Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen Pütz on percussion and effects, alongside synth/keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet/vocalist Pauline Fund and a mysterious guitarist named Peter Förster. Expect tripped out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmosphere, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects and a cinematic horror vibe. LP $25 SKU:22747

ELECTRIC FEAT-ST(psych, proto-metal and heavy blues)Label: INNER EAR This is Electric Feat's debut album. A hard rocking album, with psychedelic, proto-metal and heavy blues. Cream and Alice Cooper are not far away LP $25 SKU:22784

LOCOMOTIVE- WE ARE EVERYTHING YOU SEE(mix of late 1960s British psych and early prog)Label:MAGIC BOX This edition on 140-GRAM VINYL includes an insert offering photos and info.Wonderful mix of late 1960s British psychedelia and early progressive rock. Locomotive were one of the finest bands to inhabit the West Midlands music scene of the later 1960s. Fronted by keyboardist Norman Haines (previously of the Brum Beats) Locomotive recorded a handful of great singles and one acclaimed (though largely ignored) album before disbanding in 1970. The group was managed by local jazz trumpet player Jim Simpson who was also part of the original line-up. He also managed a number of other local groups - most notably Black Sabbath. Produced by Gus Dudgeon (renowned for his work with David Bowie and Elton John) and originally released in 1969, this early UK progressive rock classic is finally available again on LP. Based in Birmingham, Locomotive was led by the legendary Norman Haines. LP $22 SKU:22816

PANCAKES -VOLCANIC FROG ISLAND (+CD) (60s style catchy psych/rock/acid/surf!)
-Label:KERNTONSCHALL LP including CD, limited to 500 handnumbered copies. 'Volcanic Frog Island' is a 10 track album with 1 bonus track on the CD. 'Spanish Surf' is a decent rocker, the best part being the rousing jam at the end. 'Duggyman' is a cool, quirky song, with excellent guitar fills. "Duggymaaaan, inside my mind, Duggymaaaan, inside my head". 'Break It Away' is a killer groove rocker, and in the middle Rainer goes acid ballistic on guitar while an efxd voice. I can't quite make it out but sounds like it's talking about flying saucers in the forest. 'Living In The City' and 'Take The Bus' are both characterized by funk, soul, and psychedelic swing. 'The Sun' is a catchy psych rocker with a really cool '60s pop melody and a monster heavy psych guitar solo. If The Pancakes ever considered a single, this would be the one. 'Aladin' is another '60s styled song, with bits of surf and a fun, quirky main melody. I'd make this the B-side to 'The Sun'. LP $25 SKU:22817

ROYAL SERVANTS-WE ( Excellent 1970 psych/prog/kraut) Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHT The excellent 1970 psych/prog/kraut album by the pre-Eulenspygel band, originally out on Elite Special, gets reissued on vinyl. This wonderful edition contains an LP-sized 12-page insert. LP $24 SKU:22835

SHIVVERS- ST (70s POWER POP) Label:BACHELOR/RERUN Based in Milwaukee, The Shivvers was one of the coolest and best power pop units of the late '70s and early '80s. Although only one single was released during the band's active career, The Shivvers recorded an album's worth of ultra catchy material. Now all those recordings, dating back to 1980, are available on one killer compilation album. Co-release with Rerun Records (USA). LP $24 SKU:22746


ACID LEMON -INTRODUCING(Texas garage punk psych circa 1966) Label:OZIUM Italian band, including ex-99th FLOOR members, playing an incredible blend of Texas garage punk psych circa 1966. Their sound can be compared to early Chesterfield Kings. A great mix of swinging farsifa and tremolo/fuzz driven tracks, drenched in full reverb, recorded in mono for listening pleasure. Including fine versions of "The liberty bell", the Electric Prunes "Get me to the world on time" as well as the garage punk anthem "Little boy blue CD $18 SKU:22550

GENE CLARK & THE GOSDIN BROTHERS-ST (1967 stellar Byrds style) Label:FLOATING WORLD The first album that Gene Clark released after his departure from the Byrds followed very closely on the model of his earlier efforts on the Byrds' first two albums. His backing musicians included ex-bandmates Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke, as well as future Byrd Clarence White and Clark collaborator Doug Dillard, not to mention the Gosdin Brothers, whose harmonies resembled a rockier Everly Brothers and brought the sound very close to that of the Byrds. The album contains a number of fine pop-oriented tunes and stellar folk-rock/country-rock numbers (a year before the Byrds’ "Sweetheart of the Rodeo," which employed both White and Dillard) and established Clark as a major songwriter, rivaling his old band and often coming close to the fabness of the Beatles. Still, despite such solid songs and backing musicians, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers failed to make much of an impact, perhaps due to its being released in the same week as the Byrds' "Younger Than Yesterday," itself a tour de force that cemented their influence. However, in the realm of Clark's recorded output, this album stands as one of the best, if not the best, example of how powerful a singer, writer, and bandleader he was. "You have the arrangements by Leon Russel, excellent backing vocals by the Gosdin brothers, fabulous guitars by Clarence White and Glen Campbell, and, of course, one of the greatest voices of his generation, Gene Clark. What else could you ask for?" CD $10 SKU:22187

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE- FROM THE MYSTIC RAYS OF ASTROLOGICAL LIGHT (70's cosmic psychedelic)-Label:ASTRAL PROJECTIon It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes. Great follow up to the 'Earth, Spirit & Sky' album. A more 70's cosmic psychedelic jam. CD $17 SKU:22713

LSD ENIGMA-ST (garage-psych-folk-rock)Label:JARGON From Rochester, New York, the gentry-men of kaleidoscopic garage-psych-folk-rock present to you their debut-album! LSD Enigma is a powerful two-man vocal group with electrified acoustic guitar, harmonica and drums. The members are Dave Anderson (of The Projectiles, The Riviera Playboys, Susan & The Surftones and power pop groups 1.4.5. and The Most) and Darren Brennessel (of McFadden's Parachute, The Four Hestons, The Purple Flashes and The Quatloos) CD $18 SKU:22675

MIRACLE MEN - They’re Coming (Dutch garage Label:TEEN SOUND If you like cool r'n' roll garage with the right sounds and attitude they're gonna be your next fave act. There's just a bit of everything we like in here: timeless garage riffs, a touch of moody Nederbiet, and a singer that will probably reminds you Jeff Conolly's voice, more than the Mono Man himself! They also look cool and have real nice vintage gear, so whattareyouwaitingfor? Get ready because the Miracle Men are coming CD $19 SKU:22554

SMITH, CRAIG - (MAITREYA KALI) APACHE-INCA(1969 psych weirdness)Label:Maitreya Apache Music The first ever official release of Craig Smith's psychedelic folk masterpiece 'Apache-Inca'. In 1972, after changing his name to Maitreya Kali, Craig compiled and custom-pressed two LPs documenting his musical journey from 1967-72, including tracks with the Penny Arkade. Combined into a double album set, 'Apache-Inca' was given away or sold hand to hand on the street before Maitreya... and Craig... disappeared into the shadows. Only a handful of original copies are known to exist. The last time one was offered for sale, it went for over $10,000. Pirate copies routinely sell for over $400. Released by arrangement with the Smith family, comes in digipak with 32-page booklet. CD $22 SKU:22321

BRING FLOWERS TO U.S-20 Popsike Gems From U.S.A.-Label:MISTY LANE Long time sold out vinyl US sixties Popsike comp on Misty Lane records finally reissued on CD. Remastered, with additional info/pix,12 pages full color booklet! Rare US pop, psych compilation COMP CD $19 SKU:22557

EMBER POP 69-74- VA Rainy Day Mind (60s) Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE Rainy Day Mind” is the first of two volumes surveying Ember’s pop repertoire from 1969 until the label’s demise at the end of the seventies. It comprises 21 tracks by artists ranging from obscure American singer Polly Niles to the internationally famous P J Proby, as well as ill-fated actor Alan Lake, Irish vocalist Lee Lynch, French pop star Black Swan and fuzz guitar-toting soul band Milt Matthews Inc. A clutch of projects including The Good Vibrations, The Good Ship Lollipop and Rusty Harness came to Ember courtesy of producer Mike Berry. The founding of US outlet Paramount-Ember in 1974, headed by music business veteran John Madara, brought albums by Denny Doherty (formerly of The Mamas And The Papas) and British all-girl glam rockers Mother Trucker into the fold. What these disparate sources all offer are fine performances of strong songs. Nor is there any shortage of collectables, topped by Davey Payne & The Medium Wave’s ‘A Walk In The Sunshine,’ which commands £50, and Blue Beard’s eponymous album, which only reached test pressing stage (£200), from which we have salvaged ‘Baby I Need You.’ Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging COMP CD $6 SKU:16376

SIXTIES REBELLION Vol 16 The Living Room (U.S. 60s garage)Label:WAY BACK This volume has been complied by Freddy Fortune, and features 17 amazing tracks of orare 60s American garage :. Artwork by Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones. Import. COMP CD $5 SKU:1699

BORN BAD RECORD SHOP 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!- Unreleased Rock and roll/Garage/ punk -Label:LES DISQUES LES MAUVAIS G The famous Parisian record shop Born Bad is celebrating 20 years of active rock'n'roll, garage and punk rock music! Here's a great compilation LP on the Les Disques Les Mauvais Garçons label with 14 of the best international garage punk and post punk bands. 14 previously unreleased songs COMP LP $19 SKU:22708

TRASHCAN RECORDS - Vol 4 HOUSE OF HORRORS- obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960sLabel:STAG O LEE Welcome to volume 4 of 'Trashcan Records', a compilation series on Stag-O-Lee, devoted to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 1950s and early 1960s. Compiled by Fedor, an Amsterdam-based record hound, whose huge collection mostly comes from flipping through thousands of used record boxes at Amsterdam flea markets for the last 25 years. 'House Of Horrors' features twelve spine-tingling and bloodcurling suprises from Fedor's box COMP LP $21 SKU:22631

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS- You’re Gonna Miss Me-PIC DISC! Label:CHARLY Limited edition 1000 only 10 inch vinyl pressing. The legendary 13th Floor Elevators genre-defining garage rock psychedelic classic ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’, originally released by Charly for Record Store Day 2016, is now available on 10 picture disc vinyl. With artwork by original Elevators artist John Cleveland, this soon to be highly collectable edition features the incredibly rare ‘French EP’ mixes for both ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ and original single b-side ‘Tried To Hide’, a sound far ahead of its time when first released over 50 years ago. Genre-defining, pioneering, unique and utterly timeless, The 13th Floor Elevators continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians. R.E.M, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, ZZ Top, Spacemen 3, Echo and the Bunnymen, Julian Cope and many more have covered their songs LP $18 SKU:22507

BLACK MERDA -PSYCH-FUNK OF BLACK MERDA (70s psych funk) Label:FUNKY DELICACIES A hard hitting collection of totally out-there material from these '70s US psychedelic funk-rockers, including tracks recorded with/by vocalist Linnie Walker, bass player VC L. Veasey and the Hendrix-inspired, pre-Black Merda outfit Soul Agents. Essential stuff for fans of Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, Parliament, Sly Stone, Scorpion, Purple Image and the like. This LP was first released in 2006, now it's finally available again. LP $32 SKU:22146

CHARLATANS -Limit of the Marvelous180-GRAM COLOURED VINYL and the sleeve features rare pix.Label:BIG BEAT Limit Of The Marvelous distills the best cuts from Big Beat’s essential Amazing Charlatans CD to approximate the long-player the iconic folk-rock quintet should have issued at their peak in 1966. Contains 15 songs. Pressed on 180-gram color vinyl. (2015) LP $22 SKU:17446

CHEEKS -Feathered Tigers (powerpop psych garage kings)Label:TEEN SOUND Dortmund's own powerpop kings have evolved into one of the best Garage-Psych acts around these days. The CHEEKS new release is sort of a concept album that will led you into a fantastic world of legends, 1920s dark visuals and Doorsy psych-atmospheres. Their garage attitude is still there but the pop approach of the band demostrates how mature their now sound is, today, just like the cover LP $22 SKU:22546

LEVEE CAMP MOAN-ST (1969 blues based rock)-Label:SOMMER This is the first, legitimate vinyl reissue of this extraordinarily rare album. Includes insert with rare photos and full band history by Pete Sarfas.In 1969 Bracknell based blues rock outfit Levee Camp Moan released what was destined to become one of the most sought after UK private pressings of the period. Issued on the County Recording Services label (SVVS 132), a small run of discs was pressed up and sold locally at gigs as well as being handed out to friends. Housed in an obligatory custom built sleeve that had a snapshot of the group pasted onto the front, this LP marked out their status as one of the most exciting bands to emerge out of the thriving local underground scene in the Bracknell Delta. The group had taken their name from the old blues number and the band members, manager and assorted roadies took up residence in a local farmhouse known as Peacock Farm. It was there that LCM would rehearse into the small hours thumping out a mixture of blues standards as well as their own compositions until they had become a tight unit ready to 'take on the world'. Influences ranged from the urban blues of Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells to Muddy Waters, Skip James and beyond. The more or less contemporary white blues of the time, Canned Heat, Savoy Brown and Paul Butterfield also served as a major source of inspiration. From their humble roots LCM quickly built up a following on the British Blues circuit, frequenting the likes of the Marquee, Crawdaddy, Klooks Kleek, Eel Pie Island and Rikki Tik club. On the college circuit they toured extensively with Chickenshack, Canned Heat and Muddy Waters with performances being of a high enough standard to generate record company interest. Unable to secure a record deal, they had no other choice but to do it themselves. And so it was in the winter months of early '69 that LCM entered Virgin Sound in nearby Windsor to lay down eight tracks recorded on a four track machine. At the time of its creation the term private pressing would have had little or no relevance in musical circles and the significant thing to remember is that in such cases there is no record company interference and what the band was able to produce under these conditions was the archetypal private pressing, raw, under produced and thrillingly primitive. The project successfully captured the spirit and aggression of an exciting new band and the original artefact is now a zeitgeist of that remarkable era. After Levee Camp Moan, Ian Campbell went on to carve out a busy musical career performing with, amongst many others, the Nashville Teens, Arthur Brown's band and Mungo Jerry. Bassist Dave Stubbs played with a host of notables including gigs in Eric Clapton's band and lengthy tours with Uli Jon Roth (ex Scorpions). This is the first, legitimate vinyl reissue of this extraordinarily rare album. Includes insert with rare photos and full band history by Pete Sarfas. LP $25 SKU:22686

POETS (ITALY)-SURREALISTIC RAIN(60s pop style)Label:TEEN SOUND Strongly influenced by pop icons as the Beatles and lots of other 60s band without copying them. Their style is distinctly beat inspired, more than any other band today, they're are young, talented, classy and truly devoted to the vibes of 60s pop. Since their debut "When you were by my side' they've become more psychedelic, using unexpected sound sources like viola, electric piano and hammond organ. Simple but great songs by young, unknown poets, songs about stolen moments, little girls, shy loves and leaves lying on a car. LP $19 SKU:22548

RAIN- 1971 The Lost Album-Label:JARGON The Lost Album, a collection of original songs that the band recorded in the summer of 1971, was originally planned to be a follow up to their first record, RAIN-Live Christmas Night, which came out on the band's label, Whazoo Records, in early 1971. LP $25 SKU:22780

SAINT ANTHONY'S FYRE-ST(legendary 70s Acid ARchives FAVE!) Label:ZONK , Acid Archives, says this about it: “This legendary private press is rated as one of the ultimate local basement hard rock blowouts by many connoisseurs. Released as early as 1970, the end result has some similarities to MC5 s hallowed Kick out the Jams, but I find this a superior and more powerful album." LP $25 SKU:22710


We’re here and keeping ‘em coming for you guys! Many thanks for your orders, your kind words and mostly for your love of music that keeps people like us in business. Me, Ryan, Patrick, Peter and Willow and Lola (the dogs) can’t thank you enough!A big batch of new arrivals too, some freaky WAREHOUSE 7” [...]

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We’re getting lots of shipments arriving for you guys, in spite of everything! This weekend we have some more of those imports you love so much, check it all out below. More in from the garage/psych label DIONYSUS too, lots of chaepo cds and even $1 items.SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT OUR BANDS FROM SUZY SHAW! The [...]

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Probably! I know I am, is it over yet??? We’re doing our best to keep you entertained while you’re locked down, and even have some cool new arrivals for you, including more of those amazing archive cassettes and some BOMP 7” TEST PRESSINGS from the 70s and 80s. Lots of restocks from the TRIPLE X [...]

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Hey, it’s not World War 3, we’ll get thru it. The big issue is BOREDOM! We’ll try to keep you entertained with the help of some great tunes, let’s all try to be positive, this isn’t forever.We even have some fab new imports for you guys, check the list below.Thanks guys, hang in there and [...]

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Looks like we got a tough couple of months ahead of us kids, but we’ll get thru it. I hope you’re all hanging in there, let’s all stay calm and not buy so much toilet paper, OK?? We can do it!!!Meanwhile, I know that if there’s anything that calms people down, it’s retail therapy, I [...]

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This time around we have some new imports for you guys, along with the new TIMEMAZINE, coming with a 7” and a CD, plus restocks on all of their back issues too. Also restocks on the MESSER CHUPS vinyl that sold out so fast last time, plus two NEW titles by them! And a nice [...]

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Just got some shipments in from our pals at GEAR FAB and GET HIP, great cds for only $10, dig in!Plus more of those 80 collector’s cassettes, and more TEST PRESSINGS.And more LAST COPIES at a great price too. Plus a ton of restocks and adds to your favorite cheapo sections!★ $5 and Under - [...]

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This weekend we have the second half of that big import shipment from last week, AND the new SHINDIG has arrived!Even more fun… another nice batch of cheapo cds for you guys, lots of great garage and psych stuff at the $10 price point you love so much.And the cherry on the cake… I’ve dug [...]

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Just in! The new DATURA4 - WEST COAST HIGHWAY COSMIC on all formats. There are still a couple of the autographed set available too, don't miss out. Dom Mariani has assembled the band members and gotten the inserts autographed and we should be shipping out the preorders bundles next week. See all of their titles here.Also just [...]

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